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Does Your Cat Have You Wrapped Around Their Tail?

Does your cat have you wrapped around their tail?  I am pretty sure Annie, Eddie and Mercy have us wrapped around their tails.  This time of year, we  pause to reflect on what we are grateful for and to cherish family and friends that share our lives.  I think, you like us, count your cat as a cherished family member and are grateful to share your life with them.

The Cat Tail Ring reminded me of the bond we all have with our cats. This ring made of 925 sterling silver features two cat ears at the top of the front of the ring with a long tail that wraps around your finger. We fell in love with this ring and it has become our best selling ring.  So, we thought you might like it too and decided to host a giveaway.

Cat tail ring on finger

The Sterling Silver Cat Tail Ring 

The Cat Tail ring is made from 925 sterling silver and can be gently adjusted to fit your finger.  This is a delicate ring by design so is not recommended to wear while doing manual labor or in the shower, etc. The ring is lightweight at only 4 grams.

The Triple T Studios Cat Tail Ring Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win the Cat Tail Ring.  If you can’t wait, you can learn more here: Triple T Studios 

This contest is open to everyone, everywhere!

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Leave a comment below this post telling us:  Who has you wrapped around their tail?

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  1. Melanie Comello says

    That would be my cat Hammerhead. We rescued him the week of Katrina, my local shelter find him the day after the storm, no clue on how he’d weathered it out, but he did. And he’s been my lovable sidekick ever since!

  2. Carolyn Daley says

    Our two cats Mushu and Nikko have their tails wrapped around me. They know how to get their way just by being cute.

  3. Leslie Davis says

    My dog and 2 cats 🙂

  4. Peggy Rydzewski says

    we have a new kitten we rescue and his name is Ankin

  5. Erica Carnes says

    So many have me wrapped around their finger.

  6. Alexis and GinnyCat says

    My furry girl wraps her tail around my finger just to let me know I don’t want to cuddle but I need you by me, don’t leave and I don’t leave her.

  7. susansmoaks says

    my cat itsy has me wrapped around her paw. she always tells me what to do with her paws.

  8. Monica Barnett says

    I’m frustrated. I had a post up, but it went poof! I don’t know what happened. Oh well, here we go again. The FurBaby that has me wrapped around all four paws and tail is Tigger, my 11 year old special needs kitty. He and his sister were abandoned on our vet’s doorstep as very young babies. I had lost a kitty to Feline Leukemia several months prior. Our vet in his infinite wisdom felt I was ready for a new kitty in my life and introduced me to Tigger. It was love at first sight for both of us. His sister was adopted by my sister. Tigger has stuck like glue ever since. I am so very grateful he is in my life. ?

  9. Monica Barnett says

    I love reading some of these posts. They’re wonderfully sweet! We all share a special love for our FurBabies. I am not the most eloquent of writers, but I will try. The one who has me wrapped around his paw is my special needs kitty named Tigger. He’s been with us 11 years now. He & his sister were abandoned as very young babies on our vet’s doorstep. I had lost a kitty to Feline Leukemia a few months prior & the vet seemed to think it was time for me to have a new baby in my life. A vet tech brought Tigger & his sister out. I fell in love at first sight of Tigger ?. His sister went to my sister. They were already up to date with their immunizations & both fixed by our vet. Tigger is a very ‘mushy'(affectionate) kitty & I ‘mush’ him up just as much. Ever since we brought him home that day, he’s been stuck like glue to me. I think he may have been taken away too soon from his kitty Mom to be as clingy as he is. I don’t mind. I’m just so grateful that Tigger is in my life.

  10. I run a rescue for special needs cats. Currently the one who has me most wrapped around her tail is Cammie, about 17, diagnosed with liver cancer in May, also has high blood pressure and is diabetic due to the tumor, so surgery was out of the question. She has lost the use of her front legs, but still eats like a horse. Have to diaper her and move her around. She demands attention and it takes a lot, but she’s not ready to leave me yet.

  11. My kitty Crissy.

  12. My 2 kitties, Ziva (age 6) and Tony (age 4) definitely have me wrapped around their tails! I don’t mind, though. They are very sweet, and great companions!

  13. Phyllis Leonard says

    I have had many cats through the years, nearly all of them rescues. Each have their own personalities. I have loved them all. Currently it is Millie (15), Pacey (10), and Jilly (5).

  14. My little Killer has me wrapped around his tail. He’s my cuddle buddy.

  15. My daughter LOVES cats and everything that has a cat on it or in it. She asks every year for a cat but I am allergic and can’t have one in the house.

  16. Luna has me wrapped around her tail and has for 16 years!

  17. my cat and daughter do. hahaha

  18. Elines Acevedo says

    At this moment I have 3 kittens I recently resued that have me wrapped around their tails.

  19. My mom has 7 that she loves! They give her lots of joy every day!

  20. My cat DOES have me wrapped around his tail!

  21. Barbara McIntosh says

    My 3 cats–Max, Lucky and Oliver all have me wrapped around their tails. They are all very spoiled kitties, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  22. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    Momma says all of us! Xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan

  23. My wife and my two cats lol

  24. Karen Dunlap says

    There are a couple who could claim that, but let’s go with Wocket, my 10 year old American Curl.

  25. nickie burke says

    My dog chade

  26. My dog Rex

  27. Brittney House says

    My little kitty that I just got last year is totally spoiled by me.

  28. My old lady Vagrant is pretty spoiled. She bugs me when I’m in the bathroom to turn the water on for her.

  29. Evelyn Chuter says

    All 11 of my fur babies have me wrapped around their tails and I mean tightly.

  30. Shannon Baas says

    my nieces.

  31. My neighbors cat, who died unexpectedly, was spoiled rotten by me – and I enjoyed every moment of it.

  32. Nancy Blue Moon says

    My girl Pudgy has me wrapped around her tail the most…

  33. Amanda Hidrogo says

    Well, I have several kitties who I love dearly, but this would serve as a memorial to my Snow who I lost in October very suddenly and unexpectedly. She was my shadow, would perch on my shoulder and nuzzle my ear, and sleep curled around my neck. I was 110% wrapped around her fluffy tail.

  34. My girls Princess Pandora and Ms Tempest Ilona Fuzzybutt have me completely wrapped around their tails. The world revolves around them and they make sure I don’t forget that for a moment 😉

  35. Krista Shull says

    My three sweet kitty girls, Tigger, Tina and Willow are my heart. They each have their own personalities and ways they show love… They have my heart wrapped around each of them.

  36. Elizabeth Ray says

    My cat Bailey has me wrapped around his tail.

  37. My cat Waylon has me wrapped around his tail. Anyone with food has him wrapped around their legs! Love him.

  38. Dana Rodriguez says

    My cat has me wrapped around his tail.

  39. Love Tiniest Tiger! Enjoying my purse.

  40. Charissa Mason says

    My adopted baby girl Gracie has me and her daddy completely wrapped around her paws!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  41. Debbie Petch says

    My kitty, Pluto is pretty independent. But when I am sick or down, he is always there for me!

  42. nekromistress says

    My lovely Mai Tai

  43. My Persian Esmeralda is the best “spooner” in bed. She is a real snuggler.

  44. All of mine have me wrapped around their tails. Even when they’re being naughty, I have to smile and chuckle at their antics.

  45. Holly Thomas says

    My cat Oskar has me wrapped around his tail.

  46. Jo Ann Blewett says

    My heart is open to any kitty being! Immediately when I see a cat, my soul connects with them even if they do not want to be Loved. Those kitties even endear me more. The ones that need extra extra kindness and unconditional love, because they have not gotten that.

  47. Dorothy Hubbard says

    My tabby Lucy has her tail wrapped around my finger

  48. Cheryl Young says

    This past Thurs, the 10th, I had to have my old cat, Mimi, euthanized. I am beside myself. I am wrapped around her tail still.

    • Monica Barnett says

      Cheryl Young, I am so very sorry for your loss! I know your pain. Tigger and I send gentle kitty hugs.

  49. I have 8 and 1 foster that have me wrapped

  50. Barbara Consbruck says

    Let me see, Katie, Sophie, Willie and Little Man have me wrapped around their tales. I would love to win this ring.

  51. Shamrock is my snuggle-bug! She likes to snuggle up in my bed a night.

  52. Theresa Spaid says

    I have 2 spoiled babies. Sneaky pie is 9 years old and still acts like a kitten and Mushu is 15 years old and took Sneaky under his wing from the first day we got the little guy. They both like to cuddle up to me.

  53. The beautiful Taika for sure!

  54. Jeanne Owens says

    My “old man”, Shadow, who I’ve had since he was a kitten and is now 12 years old. He’s still as much of a sweetheart now as then, and I have trouble telling that black kitty no.

  55. Judy Thomas says

    My cat Aio has me wrapped around her tail 🙂 She has nasal problems and snorts and snores and we are often at the vet but she is worth that and more because she loves me as much as I love her 🙂

  56. Alexis and GinnyCat says

    My furry girl GinnyCar wraps her tail around my wrist and then I wrap the tip of her tail around my fingers! It’s mutual!

  57. All of my cats and dogs (and ones I work with) all have their tails wrapped around me…and I love it! 🙂

    • Super Hurrah!! Congratulations, Lisa! You are the winner of the Cat Tail Ring. You ring is on the way to you via USPS today. You will receive an email with tracking. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  58. Miss Waikiki has me totally wrapped around her little black and gray tail. I have two other cats too, but she is a momma’s girl.

  59. My kitty Tubby has me. He just has to give me a cute look.
    Sue B

  60. Who has me around his or her tail? From the very beginning, with my “big brofur”, cats have always claimed my heart. Five beautiful felines currently call me “theirs”.

  61. Any cat I see!

  62. Tina L. Fleck says

    I love this ring!!

  63. Cat Fleming says

    All my 11 cats! But especially my tripawed kitty Trillian. She has me perfectly trained to scratch her head /neck on the no-leg side everytime she sees me!

  64. Marcy Cecil says

    My baby boo Jett!

  65. I have six, and I’m a very well trained human, they all have me wrapped around their tail. Drama Kitty, my oldest at 19, is very demanding vocally, so the minute her heating pad gets too cool, she let’s me know, and I come running. They all have their own personality and quirks, and I do my best to meet their every demand. Having said that though, Weezer would be the one that literally has me wrapped around his tail. I often refer to him as my monkey boy, because he curls and uses his tail like one so often.

  66. My Z’s!!!

  67. Christine Machado Barnes says

    Clara, Omally, Carl, Agnes, Mouse and Eeyore has me wrap around their paws

  68. Irena Matkovi? says

    My Sheila has me wrapped around her tail! 🙂

  69. Sheila Smith Sasser says

    My Ertha Mae has me wrapped around her paw. I’m her person.

  70. Tammy Dusenberry Cole says

    Tess for sure has me wrapped 🙂 !!

  71. Sierra M. Koester says

    Carmine and Milita definitely have me wrapped around their little tails!

  72. Milene Mittelhauser says

    I’ve been stressed recently. Last night when I woke in the middle of the night to ponder my troubles, Enzo crawled up by my head and proceeded to purr me into relaxation and sleep. We’re wrapped around each other’s fingers.

  73. All 3 of my cats, each in their own way.

  74. Heidi Shuler says

    I would wear this all the time – a conversation starter about treating all sentient beings with kindness and respect.

  75. Hugo has me wrapped around his tail!