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Our Litter Area Was a Whole Lot of Beige


When our friends at TidyCats asked us to tell them about our cats’ litter areas and even to submit photos, I realized our litter box areas are a whole lot of beige.  They serve the purpose but certainly aren’t very appealing to the eye and maybe not even to the cats.  Look at poor Eddie in the photo.  Even he looks bored with the litter box room.  We did need a LitterVention!

Tidy Cats Asked Us These Questions About Our Litterbox Areas

What are the dimensions of your cat’s space?

We have two litter box areas for Annie, Eddie and Mercy.  A total of 4 litter boxes.  One for each cat plus one. One area is in the bathroom in the ManCave space.  This bathroom is the least used by Paul and I so it is a perfect location for the cats.  The bathroom is about 10′ x 12′.  There is a shower in this bathroom and a wider space with a hutch behind the door.

LitterVention beside the stairs

The second area is beside the storage area under the stairs.  Not hidden away but out of the main traffic path. Eddie is showing you this space in the image above.

What is your décor style?

So, yea… our decor style for the cats litter areas could be described as beige?  We are a carpet free house, due to our allergies and have hardwood and tile throughout.  The upstairs area has a little more color but after the littervention, we are going to add more color.

As you know the cats spend a lot of time in their sunroom but we have not placed a litter box in that room.

Do you and your cat have any preferences when it comes to his/her litter box setup?

We have all open litter boxes.   With three cats, and Mercy having a tendency to pick on Eddie, we think it is best to have the boxes in a place where the cats can see their surroundings. But we are open to try a covered box too.

Do you use litter box liners?


Do you have any color preferences?


What is your biggest litter box challenge?

Eddie is a kicker.  He kicks and kicks and kicks out litter.  Annie and Mercy don’t seem to kick out litter as much as Eddie does.  Controlling the cats  tracking litter is our biggest challenge.

Our Litter Area After the TidyCats LitterVention

LitterVention After

The bathroom even looks more peaceful, doesn’t it?  The new high-side litter boxes help keep the litter inside even when Eddie is kicking up a storm.  The Cat Litter Trapper Mats are great for keeping the litter from tracking all over the house.  Adding the pretty Le Chat artwork and frame really added some much needed color to the space.

TidyCats Cleaning tools

TidyCats sent us BetterLife all purpose cleaner and Tidy Cats Litter Box deodorizer, as well as a nice scrub brush and gloves to clean out the boxes at least once a month.

LitterVention After

We are trying out a new covered litter box in the cat area beside the stairs.  Mercy seemed to be interested in this new box and Annie was caught jumping in and out even before we put the fresh  4-in-1 Strength litter in the box. The pretty basket is perfect place toys the cats carry and leave in the litter area.

#PetGrass Eddie

The cats are super happy with the new setup and with their new toys and Pet Grass TidyCats sent them.

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  1. Connie Tucker says

    My biggest litter box problem is our youngest cat wanting to use it as soon as we start to clean it. Stop!!!!

  2. amy deeter says

    My biggest litterbox challenge is when my cat digs in the cat liter and it gets all over the floor

  3. Renee Richardson says

    My biggest challenge is that one of my cats is very messy and she throws litter everywhere.

  4. Natasha S. says

    My biggest litterbox challenge is that one of my cats is very picky about the texture of the litter granules. If she doesn’t like it, then she will not cover her poop. Another challenge is finding a litter that clumps tightly and is not dusty.

  5. Richard Hicks says

    instagram id is gmrich22

  6. Peggy Rydzewski says

    Our little Ankin is a litter thrower… he sure makes amess

  7. Jennifer Biddle Janas says

    With 4 cats of our own, plus our foster cat, the biggest problem we have is keeping the litter box area attractive and non-offensive since we have so many and aren’t able to hide them all. We try to keep them in accessible areas on each floor of the house for the cats but don’t want our guests to immediately notice they are sharing a room with the cat toilet.

  8. Patti Maddalone says

    My one cat always scratches at the litter, knocking some of it out of the box. He then exits the litterbox quickly, scattering litter as he runs.

  9. Lissa C. says

    I’d have to say with multiple cats keeping it fresh after a day it smells like a gas station bathroom

  10. Carolyn Daley says

    Our biggest challenge is keeping the area around the box clean. We have one cat that loves to kick the litter all over the edge of the box.

  11. Aaron Reck says

    I would say my biggest litter problem is either odor or making sure to clean it more than one time a day. Sometimes I’m just not there and still needs changed. :/

  12. My biggest challenge is cleaning up the bits of litter that our cat tracks outside the box.

  13. Lisa Voyce says

    My biggest issue is that the cats are constantly bringing litter out of the box when they are finished.

  14. Betty Curran says

    One of my cats seem to always pee outside the litter box. I tried an enclosed box but they hated it.

  15. My biggest problem is litter tracked all over the house.

  16. Kristina Monroe says

    I have 8 rescue cats which 10 little boxes for them ,biggest problems is little goes all the over place which them use it

  17. Mary Jo Krause says

    I am lucky to have a good sized entry way where I am able to have two litter boxes, dog and cat food and water and storage of extra food, snacks and litter, and yet still have room for shoes and boots, depending on season. My cats are older so they are used to original clay litter, tried newer styles but they did not like them. I live in a very, very rural area, cannot see another house. I am set back from the road, space on all four sides and I have 10 acres, so my cats go outdoors, only danger is ticks but I treat them evry month. When the weather is nice my one cat goes outdoors. The oldest is a freak about having the poop left in her box, she scratches furiously and loudly until I come and remove it. Otherwise that is all they desire.

  18. Angela Cash says

    My biggest challenge is litter disposal. I live with four cats and have 4 litter boxes. Currently, soiled litter goes in our garbage but I would love to find a more environmentally friendly solution.

  19. Karen Genna Nadeau says

    I have two cats brother and sister. I could use this for them I clean the box every morning and night.

  20. natasha berry says

    My biggest litter box problem is i have 2 cats ising one box. I change wayore than should have to

  21. Sandra Unangst says

    My biggest issue is the tracking of litter all through the house.

  22. Tina Gilbert says

    My cats are diggers and they fling the litter everywhere and it makes a huge mess! We also have an issue with smell and it doesn’t seem to matter that we keep the box clean and change the litter quite often but it still smells! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!

  23. Elines Acevedo says

    Our biggest litter box issue is that our black cat Mugi is always kicking out all the litter. He not only digs before and after he uses the box, often breaking up the pee clumps or stepping all over feces, he also does it after every other cat has used the box. We find ourselve having to run to the litter box when we hear anyone using it so as to prevent Mugi from making a huge mess and having to wash off his paws (which he hates). He gets litter everywhere. Im tempted to try a covered box or top entry box.

  24. Rita Spratlen says

    No matter what I do it still smells. I just hate it.

  25. Kayte CookWatts says

    I think our biggest challenge is he tends to jump on our bed and wipe his feet immediately after using the litterbox

  26. jules mcnubbin says

    i have 2 cats indoors and my problem is keeping the odor under control. i dont wanna smell it

  27. Cindy Loohoo says

    Peeing going over the top and onto the wall behind it… We use the Clever Cat and Nature’s Miracle corner boxes which are also high. Most of the time we are safe…

  28. Denise Sachs says

    My biggest challenge is they scatter the litter everywhere over the box.

  29. Ariel Carman says

    The biggest challenge is litter being kicked out of the boxes or tracked out when the cats jump out of the boxes.

  30. Richard Hicks says

    Biggest challenge is them scattering litter everywhere and sometimes the smell

    • Super Hurrah! Congratulations Richard, you are the winner of the Tidy Cats Littervention. I have sent your information off to team Tidy! Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community

  31. chantz428 says

    Probably finding a balance between using enough litter so it doesn’t get “glued” to the bottom of the litter pan when wet and not so much that the cats scratch it over the edge of box onto the floor!

  32. Terri Irvin says

    I have three cats: two adults and one kitten. I keep two litter boxes for them. One is inside in the laundry room and the other is outside in a shady courtyard. BUT I also have three dogs who love the kitty litter boxes and drag the poop out of the box and this upsets the two adult cats who then yowl with dismay.

  33. Keeping smells at bay

  34. My cat kicks lots of litter out of her box so my challenge is keeping the area tidy.

  35. Tari Lawson says

    My biggest litter box challenge is not having my cat push the cat litter out of the box. It often ends up on the floor, creating a mess.

  36. My cat has hairy feet and the litter goes where she goes.

  37. Deborah Coleman says

    i have one cat but the way georgie digs around and scatters litter you’d think i had more than one..

  38. Angel Buffalino says

    My biggest litter box challenge is that my cat constantly kicks litter out of the box whether it is an open box or closed box it doesn’t matter. There’s a constant Mess and it drives me nuts

  39. agordon10 says

    Biggest challenge is keeping the dog out of it.

  40. My cat is very messy and the litter can get scattered around.

  41. Elizabeth Owens says

    So many problems! The main one is the smell. I always am so worried that other people can smell the box even if I can’t

  42. Milene Mittelhauser says

    Getting the box cleaned every day, if it wasn’t so expensive, I would buy a Litter Robot.

  43. my biggest problem is going thru litter like it’s going out of style.

  44. I have problems with keeping it clean and the smell of Jasmine litter box
    Cathy Truman

  45. susansmoaks says

    my biggest challenge is to keep the area clean and smell free

  46. I have 6 cats currently and despite all being feral rescues they are very very finicky about their litter boxes. They get very upset if the boxes are not pristinely clean.

  47. Sharon A. Allen says

    I have 2 litter boxes and my cat makes a mess with tracking litter everywhere. Some times he digs in the boxes also.

  48. Deborah Zarett says

    Kicking and tracking!

  49. sandy weinstein says

    i dont have cats, entering to donate to safe haven cat shelter and clinic. however, i think my biggest concern would be keeping it clean, and the cats not tracking litter everywhere when they leave the litter box.

  50. Patchycat says

    They don’t like covered little boxes yet they sling litter everywhere! Aargh!

  51. Sharvia Sultana says

    when the litter gets all over the floor..

  52. My biggest challenge is when the cat tracks litter out of the box.

  53. sarah oswald says

    My biggest litter problem is the stinky smell at times because my cats stink big time when they poop.

  54. Michelle Ingrodi says

    I have a cat who digs in the litter like she’s buried something at the bottom. She also hates the covered boxes. So I’ve found myself making boxes out of rubbermaid bins for her!

  55. My biggest litter challenge is mainly that I don’t like the look of a litter box out in the open and going thru litter so quickly.

  56. Michelle S says

    My biggest litter box problem is having litter tracked everywhere.

  57. Karla R. says

    My letterbox challenge is I have an old school litter box so I have to empty it out with bags, yuck.

  58. Holly Thomas says

    My biggest challenge is I have to lift it to scoop it!

  59. Jenny Ham says

    my one cat wants to go off the side of the box I have to put potty pads under the box

  60. Holly Gleason says

    My Himalayan’s furry paws track litter everywhere. A mat in front of the litter box entry doesn’t help much.

  61. Chickie Brewer says

    I don’t have cats but my daughter does and I think her biggest problem is the smell.

  62. Terri Hartley says

    With three cats … there is always litter and cleaning of the boxes

  63. Kristi Hébert says

    Tracking/spilled/kicked litter all over the place.

  64. I have two cats and my youngest seems to think that litter is to be kicked outside of the box. She is the messiest (but cutest) kitty I have ever seen and I am always cleaning up big piles of litter. It makes my other kitty upset but I can’t seem to stop it! lol.

  65. Lisa Gibbs says

    I always use Tidy Cat litter. It is the only litter that I can have 4-9 cats in the house & no one even knows I have any cats at all!

  66. Allyson Lords says

    I have 3 male cats and they all want to be the FIRST to use a clean box. They they dig and dig before using it. Litter gets all over the place.

  67. Barbara Consbruck says

    I also have the litter kicking problem. Sometimes it seems if there is more litter kicked out than is still in the box!

  68. Nancy Blue Moon says

    My worst liter problem is also litter kicking…what a mess!

  69. This is awesome and I love Tidy Cats! My biggest litter box challenge would definitely be the odor! It is a constant problem no matter what!

  70. Deborah Zarett says

    Litter kicking and the fact that my 5 seem to favor two particular boxes even though all four boxes are identical!

  71. Dana Matthews says

    My biggest litterbox challenge is definitely TIME! Life gets so busy and I try to stay on schedule and stay organized but sometimes the box gets pushed aside.

  72. Linda Szymoniak says

    My biggest litter box issue has actually been keeping my dogs out of the litter box. When our two cats use the box, the scent calls to my dogs.

  73. Elise Murphy says

    I have 2 cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. In addition to having to help one potty, litter flying everywhere is our biggest problem. We end up sweeping and vacuuming multiple times a day so it doesn’t get tracked all over the house. We can’t use a normal foam litter mat though as one of our cats seems to think they are pee pee pads. I’d use this giveaway winnings to find a solution to that issue that’s great for us and our special needs kitties!

  74. Lisa Pecora says

    Our challenge is smell and also privacy. My kitten follows our older cat into the litterbox.

  75. margaretporter says

    My biggest challenge is trying to keep mu cat from throwing litter all over the house.

  76. Joyce Peace Hutson says

    My biggest challenge is keeping the smell of the litter box down. I have two cats and two boxes. One up stairs in the hallway and one down stairs in the dining room. I plan to move it in the breakfast room where I usually keep it.

  77. Kim Henrichs says

    My biggest challenge is litter dust! With six cats they create a ton of it.

  78. Nancy Nemer says

    Keeping it clean with 10 cats!!! ;o)

  79. MichelleNelson&Famly says

    Yes our home too Krista. Many boxes. One is favorite. There’s no more room in the favorite spot to place 2 there. Wish the cats could talk.

  80. E. Hutzie says

    My biggest challenge at the present time is fostering 4 6.5 week old kittens and having enough litter to change their box 3 times daily, in addition to my other two cat residents who have 3 litter boxes in various locations -upstairs and downstairs. Fostering is very rewarding but a lot of work!

  81. Alisa Polk says

    My biggest challenge is keeping the litterboxes smell free!

  82. Vickie Kohn says

    My male cats don’t always bury their “leavings”. This upsets my female.

  83. Theresa Spaid says

    Keeping up with cleaning the urine and also all the litter on the floor.

  84. Susan Pertierra says

    The cats tend to throw out litter from the opening of the box and then it gets tracked around.

  85. Allison Colony says

    my biggest litter box challenge is figuring out where to put a second litter box other than in the same bathroom as the first one. I have only one cat right now

  86. Tina L. Fleck says

    i only have one cat but she likes to kick up a lot of litter. thats why i really like the high walls on the one.

  87. Erin K. Linker says

    I have 3 cats- one cat that is 20+ lbs…my hardest issue is finding a litter box w/ a lid that fits her comfortably. She’s on a diet, but in the meantime, I ended up getting an XXL one off Amazon that works well, size-wise, but the lid doesn’t close too well.

  88. With 5 cats the biggest challenge is keeping the litter boxes clean.

  89. Charlene says

    My biggest problem is keeping the cats from scratching the litter out onto the floor from their litter box.

  90. My biggest litter box challenge is litter tracking. I actually have newspapers down around the boxes so it would be easier to clean.

  91. Sherri H says

    It’s not really a problem — but the litter box is in the basement and I’m not inclined to go down there much because of bad knees and back. So the box doesn’t get cleaned more than once a day. Emma is not the kicker that Claude was (he dug to China often) but if she is not satisfied with the cleanliness of her box, she will pee in a pile of dirty laundry. I can’t say I blame her! With more than one cat, litter tracking was a problem, even with those floor mats.

  92. This year we have only 1 cat. We have the best litter box in the world! It is Nature’s Miracle Advanced High Sided Corner Litter Box. It is anti-microbial, deep and the perfect size for big ol’ Frank. And nothing every sticks to it. It is perfect.

    My only litter problem is heaving the heavy bag of cat litter over the high side to dump more in. I use scoop away and it’s pretty heavy.

  93. The biggest challenge is not tracking litter all over even though I have a mat down

  94. Cindy Vanderbur says

    My challenge is finding a way to work full time and still keep up with the needs of multiple cats.

  95. LauraRichardson says

    My biggest challenge is weight. I have a damaged back and am very limited in my lifting. I tried another light-weight litter and wasn’t happy with it. With my rescue crew I lift a lot of litter!

  96. Sonya Allstun says

    My biggest challenge is keeping them from tracking litter all over the house

  97. Cat Fleming says

    My biggest litter box challenge is finding space for boxes & tracking of litter everywhere. I have 8 cats of my own & 3 fosters, & 3 big litter boxes. I don’t have room for any more .

  98. kittenbiscuit says

    We have 2 cats and will be adopting 2 more very soon. Our biggest challenge is finding the right balance between giving the kitties a clean, safe space to do their business (away from the prying nose of our big Lab Maggie) and keeping the smell and tracking of litter down as much as possible. I think they pretend the litter is confetti, and they are have to celebrate after every time they go!

  99. Courtney says

    The problem is a mix of litter tracking and feces smell after a cat does #2.

  100. Julie Whiting says

    My biggest litterbox challenge is I have 5 cats and a very small bathroom with limited space. The single box we have is jammed lengthwise between the toilet and the sink. The cats shake their paws when they come out of the box and litter is all over the bathroom floor, which gets stepped on and tracked everywhere in the house.

  101. wetnosegang says

    With multiple cats, it is important to scoop regularly. I scoop three/four times a day. Better to be a little fussy cause it makes life easier.

  102. I guess you could say we have all of the common litterbox issues, but to me, they’re part of life, so I don’t really see them as problems, just part of life.

  103. Kelly Tupick says

    My biggest problem is keeping the litter box odor free.

  104. Krista Shull says

    I have 4 litter boxes in my house and my biggest problem is that the kitties all seem to use the same one…it changes which one but it’s always just one that is full of use and the others that are pretty untouched!

  105. Emily Ann says

    My biggest litter challenge is my cat making a mess around his litter box. There’s always litter everywhere around it – and it’s hard to clean up because it’s on hardwood floor so it just spreads around even more and it’s hard to vacuum. Also tracking can be an issue considering my cat lays with us in bed and then there’s a pile of litter where he lays. It can be quite gross! – Emily Ann Benzing

  106. The Island Cats says

    Litter tracking. That’s our biggest issue. If somebuddy could make a litter that doesn’t track, they’d be rich!

  107. Birdiebee says

    My biggest litter problem is that litter is scattered everywhere. Two cats seem to leave a mess that you would think I had a dozen.

  108. My biggest litter challenge is tracking and kicking. Pono can kick litter several feet from the box. And he often likes to check to make sure the girls do a good covering job. if it’s not up to his standards, he will cover it for them (meaning more kicking of litter). I like to use the liners. It makes cleaning up easier (unless someone digs a hole in the plastic).

  109. tannawings says

    Biggest litterbox challenge is many! I have an elderly cat going right outside his box to poop (he pees in it just fine) one cat that has the runs constantly, another who kicks litter like it is a game, and I run 4 boxes and have 5 cats. I need an intervention!
    ellen beck on form

  110. Our biggest litter box challenge is I’m always finding litter all over the house! They track it everywhere! A mini-littervention would be great! Thank you!

  111. The lumps of clumped urine that get stuck to the bottom of the litter box and litter tracked everywhere are my biggest issues.

  112. Keeping the mess off of the floor.
    Sue B

  113. Linda Stary says

    Really need this!!!

  114. pilch92 . says

    We could use a littervention. My biggest challenge is urine build up at the bottom of the box. I use clay litter and it doesn’t clump.

  115. Judy Simon says

    I am praying I win this one lol

  116. Julie Baker Parlacoski says

    My biggest litter box challenge is the litter on the floor. I use the Breeze system and it helps somewhat, but my 1 cat loves to kick litter all over

  117. Judy Simon says

    Just like everyone else, mostly the tracking…with 11 cats, I can sweep up every evening about 1-2 cups of litter. Having 10 litter boxes, this is a chore! A Big Chore, that I could do without, we do have rugs or litter mats under each one, but they will kick it out to the side or anywhere there isn’t a mat, like they know! My other challenge is that I had to remove all lids from my covered boxes, which kept the litter in, but the cats that like to be the dominant ones, would go after the shy ones in the boxes with lids, because they could not escape & they would just keep on bothering the ones in the box. We have litter boxes all over, some hidden, for the shyer kitties & others in corners or against walls, where no one walks. My cats for the most part don’t care where they are as long as the boxes are clean & clean litter. Some dig like they are digging to China & will kick that litter all over. With 11 cats, I am getting more & more tired, but will do whatever they want and need from me, Mom!!

  118. Tracy Shafer says

    3 cats tracking litter all over the house

  119. Pamela JC says

    We are out of a house and on the move, from kennels in a car to pop up tents and a small place we stay, it requires different size boxes and lots of change for the cats. BUT we are all tightly bonded so until I can find a job and a place or get a publishing deal we will use all different options.

  120. my biggest challenge is trying to keep the floors clean. I have to vacuum litter every couple days

  121. My biggest litter challenge is cat litter outside of the cat box.

  122. Peggy Von Seggern says

    My biggest litter box problem is my cats kicking the litter out of their box! I have to sweep around it everyday.

  123. Lesley F says

    My biggest challenge is my cats keeping the litter in their box

  124. Mary Friedling says

    The biggest issue is litter tracking. I have linoleum tiled floors, and Joe has a blast kicking the litter. I have high-sided boxes but that is just a challenge to Joe. Ughh!

  125. My biggest litter box challenge is our rescued former feral Doppelgänger; in from the outdoors after a years long career living on the nearby damn catching rodents he is fixed and flea treated. He took to indoor life with enthusiasm. He loves the heated window seat, he loves the kibble, he loves the cans, he loves to snuggle. He got the idea of the litter box immediately and has two stations of his own. The problem is that he has gotten really fat. He eats his food, then he takes Leonardo’s food, then he goes outside and eats the feral food, then he even eats the dog food. Poor darling feels that he just can’t get enough; ergo … well …. he is fat. So, sometimes he just can’t stay inside of the box. I think think that I need to change out his boxes for XL pans with maybe higher sides.

  126. Dana Rodriguez says

    My biggest challenge is the tracking! Every morning I wake up to a huge mess!

  127. Litter tracking is the worst! I bought one of those Dirty Dog Doormats for cats and it catches a lot of the litter and I just have to shake it out back into the litter box or outside! Also, I use a decent sized tote for the litter since most litter boxes aren’t high enough…especially for my one kitty that feels she needs to dig to China each time she goes! Working for us!

  128. One of my cats likes to leave poo presents on a certain rug. He doesn’t do it all the time so it’s hard to figure out what has caused this behavior.

  129. Jennifer Reed says

    My biggest litter box challenge is that it is sitting out for all to see. I wish it could be hidden more but still accessible.

  130. annifive says

    I have a couple that like to pee on the side of the litter box so it ends with some inside and some outside the box.

  131. Phyllis Beeler says

    My girl gets a little overly ambitious with her scratching in the box at times (glad it’s in the downstairs area and easy to clean).

  132. Erica Weaver says

    my biggest is keeping the litter in the litter box when the cats go in and out

  133. ClickClick says

    My biggest litter challenge is the tracking of the litter. I also have 13 cats at the moment. I have a small rescue for elderly cats. Kind of like a retirement village for senior citizens, except for cats.

  134. My biggest litter box challenge is getting my cats to keep it in the box. My girl always makes a mess.

  135. Shelley Joy P says

    My biggest litterbox challenge is keeping the litter in the box. My cats track it and kick it everywhere.

  136. Brenda Bolton says

    Cats tracking litter everywhere & the smell.