Triple T Studios Black Cat Necklace Giveaway

Black Cat Necklace

The Black Cat Necklace

We found the Black Cat Necklace and we loved it and thought you might too.  The necklace is made in the cabochon style with two adorable cat ears on top from a zinc alloy and is lead and nickel free. The cabochon pendant measures 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter, not too big and not too small, just purr-fect.

The necklace comes with the 20 inch  (50 cm) black chain with a 2 inch (5 cm) extender and a lobster clasp.The necklace weighs about 10 g. The Black Cat Necklace  comes in a pretty organza draw string bag and is gift boxed with a stretchy silver bow band.  We have to keep an eye on Eddie when we add the silver bow bands to packages.  He loves the shiny bows and will try to run off with one every time.

Mercy handsome on CPT


This Black Cat Necklace pays tribute to the black cats that share our lives and we love so much.  Nothing unlucky about these fantastic felines!  We know we feel super lucky to share our lives with our boy Mercy.

The Triple T Studios Black Cat Necklace Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win a Black Cat Necklace from Triple T Studios.

You can find more information about the Black Cat Necklace here: Triple T Studios

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Leave a comment below this post telling us; Do you share your life with a black cat too?    

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  1. Mary Friedling says

    Thank you very much for picking me. Of all the contests I entered on your site, this black cat pendant spoke to me. It is beautiful.

  2. We now live with a black cat. Our “Destinee” just came home this week. She’s a Munchkin baby (short legs) and we are over the moon in love with her! I’m in a mode where I want everything black to compliment her. She makes every day brighter >^..^<

  3. bonnie sapperstein says

    It seems that among all the groups of cats that have shared my life, there has always been a black cat. Teddy, a nine year old cat came to sit on my porch all the time for a year and half. He would be there to greet me when I arrived home. He was my neighbor”s indoor/outdoor cat. Bug one day, the family and their other two cats suddenly left, without him. I never fed him but everyone assumed he was my cat. My beloved cat had passed away six months before and the vet performed a lot of work for free so that my cat didn’t suffer. I had no money but thought I couldn’t leave him out there. AND, I needed to pay it forward. A rescue organization vetted him (already neutered) because he had a home. So, it has been four years and we are together. I love this necklace. I would meet lots of black cat lovers who wanted the same necklace.

  4. Roxanne Coryell says

    I don’t share my life with a black cat right now, but one still lives in my heart, and will always.

  5. Lesley F says

    I had a black cat growing up but my cat now is brown

  6. Kat Tellez says

    I have 3 black cats right now. I love them dearly!!

  7. My cat is pure brown but my 2 adopted dogs are black though.

  8. ClickClick says

    Tina and Cindy are solid black.

  9. Jennifer Bryan Ebner says

    We had a black cat, Johnny, he died a few years ago. We are getting ready to get another cat but can’t get combination of black, white or black and white because our dog thinks they are skunks and he is afraid of skunks.

  10. I had a long-haired black cat when I was a little girl, but she sadly got out and we never found her; even put a lost ad in the paper that I still have a clipping of. Her name was Muffin and I still think of her and hope she ended up being found and taken care of by someone.

  11. Sharvia Sultana says

    Yes… her name was Leila and she was my everything, such a loyal sweet cat who gave birth to at least 15 kittens total!! i miss her..

  12. April Simone Ballew says

    My husband and I got both our black boy cats from our local vet! They are brothers and they came from the same feral litter! They are always together since we got them at 8 weeks old! Theyre names are Shoelace and Zip Tie!

  13. Sandra Unangst says

    I share my life with 2 rescue Siamese cats. My daughter has a black cat named Ju-Ju though. 🙂

  14. wetnosegang says

    I have never had a black cat, but I have shared my life with two of the best tuxedo cats. Although not black cats, they are very stylish as well!

  15. Rita Spratlen says

    I lost my favorite black cat about 6 months ago. I would love this! He was wonderful and so smart. He was the best hunter I ever had too!!

  16. I do live with a black cat! She was part of a feral litter that was born in our woodpile, and when momma cat moved them she somehow got left behind. I bottle-raised her from about 8 days old, and after seeing the big size of her paws I said she had bear claws, hence the name Bear. (and I won’t lie, she’s a spoiled rotten beast who torments all the older cats but she is and always will be my baby)

  17. Debi Ennis Binder says

    We are pet parents to 3 and 3/4 black cats. 3/4 is because our tortie, Cookie, is almost entirely black. Our kits are so different from the others and each other. One, Anny Catt, lives in our bedroom because she doesn’t acknowledge that any other creature other than the two of us exists. She is terrified of everyone! The two males, Moggy and PeiWei, are just bid, ole softies, although Moggy, at 15, is getting on. I think black cats are sadly underrated. Some people say they are afraid of them, others that they are bad luck. But our kits are sweet and frisky, fun to play with and more to cuddle.

  18. baby cake says

    We used to share our life with a Black Angora, but unfortunately he passed on. Now we have 2 grey striped and a white diva

  19. Leslie Pettit says

    I have always had at least one black cat. Currently I am without one, but always looking. They are my good luck charms and I find they are very soothing.

  20. Tammy Dusenberry Cole says

    I don’t have a black cat but I do have a very pretty brown black and white sweet girl named Tess 🙂 !!

  21. Shelley Joy P says

    I do share my life with a black cat too 🙂 My cat’s name is Midnight.

  22. no , i use to have a gorgeous siamese male cat that i loved so much and he ran away . i had a neighbor who had a male black cat named omar and he was always meowing as if he was speaking . i love cats and dogs and all harmless animals . thanks for the chance ! intl.

  23. chantz428 says

    I have shared many years with black cats (they have a special place in my cat-loving heart), sadly having lost one just a few weeks ago. Currently, I am sharing with two tuxedo cats.

  24. My shiny black Ella Bella wants her Mummy to win this necklace so Mummy won’t be lonely for her beautiful Ella when she’s at work. Ella worries about this a lot.

  25. I have Yin, the lovely 10 month old House Panther. She looks just like the necklace.

  26. Jan Dawson says

    I shared my life with two black cats who both, sadly, have gone now. They were sister and brother, called Lala and Po (not our choice, they were rescue cats!) and were each missing one eye. Before Lala succumbed to cancer, they used to sit side by side, with the missing eye sides together. There was nothing creepier at night than watching what appeared to be a big cat suddenly split in half and each eye go off in a different direction.
    However, if I did win this lovely necklace I wouldn’t keep it but give it to a close friend who lost her 1 year old black cat recently. Ollie was a lovely boy, just finding his adult personality. This would remind her of happier times with him gazing up at her.

  27. Connie Tucker says

    Yes, I happily share my life with our black cat Reedus that we were blessed to find on our doorstep when he was only a couple of weeks old. He had a really rough start and the vet didn’t think he’d make it, but today he’s a beautiful healthy 2 year old that is the light of our lives!

  28. Deborah Coleman says

    i just lost my black cat gizzy to stomach cancer a couple of months would be great to win this necklace to wear as a remembrance of him

  29. Alexis & Mitzi for GinnyCat says

    Sadly I don’t but I always remember my sister’s black cat. He would go to ridiculous heights and inaccessible places in their house to eat my sister’s specialty, raspberry angle food cake! Only the raspberry flavour, no other. Many a birthday cake was served with a piece sliced out to remove the bite marks. He was also a portly and clumsy boy except when he always found a way to climb into some closet or attic shelf to eat his favourite cake!

  30. biggie55 says

    I have 2 black cats 14 and 12 years. I would wear this forever if i won it is beautiful.

  31. Candi Ausman says

    I have had many black cats over the years. I lost my last one, Ki’y, to cancer on 12/3/15. The property I live on features quite a few black cats, among the others, and I am friends with almost all of them.

  32. dmricciardi says

    I have had several black cats in my 50+ years of having kitties. I currently have one who is a polydactyl with 21 toes — his name is Goku. I have 12 adopted/rescued kitties in all. . . ???

  33. I had a long haired black cat named Spooky who passed away recently. ?

  34. Theresa Spaid says

    My old black cat Smokey died years ago but I still miss him. He was a great cat. My daughter does have black cat now named Moon.

  35. Holly Thomas says

    Not at this moment.

  36. The Island Cats says

    Yes! I’m a black cat! ~Ernie

  37. Ann Rayfield says

    No black cats now, but we had one a few years ago named Elvis.

  38. Liz Finch says

    I have two black cats – although one is more of a monkey than a cat!

  39. Sandy Robins says

    Black cats are awesome and your necklace is a beautiful tribute to them. I’m about to adopt a tuxedo kitten

  40. Tracy Shafer says

    I do not..but I love all cats and have 3

  41. Got myself two black fuzzies at home and would get more if the older one wouldn’t hate me forever. He’s still not entirely resigned to the kitten. 🙂

  42. Deborah Zarett says

    My green-eyed Tuxedo cat, BC, graces me with her presence every day.

  43. catholland says

    I am owned by a mini panther. A fluffy one! And he never lets me forget who’s boss in our house. (Hint: It ain’t the human.) >^..^<

  44. Phyllis Beeler says

    Sadly, I lost my beloved Smokey ,who I had for 20 yrs from the first day of her life, to cancer. But she was a special girl and will always be in my heart.

  45. I’ve never had the pleasure of sharing a lifetime with a black kitty, but have been graced to be befriended by many black kitties in shelters who were generous with their love and affection prior to leaving my company to happily go off to their forever homes. =^.^=

  46. tannawings says

    My inside mini panther passed from FIP, but I do feed a colony of ferals . They are my black cats. I have had many black cats over the years and all are unique.
    ellen beck on form

  47. Mary Friedling says

    I late black cat passed away 6 years ago. When I went to shelter’s looking for the one who called, I found Pink. She is the one who called for me. She is solid white with blue eyes, but not deaf. I never know who will call. I just answer.

  48. K OLeary says

    Spooky was my rescue black cat that had a tiny white spot on his chin. Unfortunately he was hit by a car when he scooted out the door. He was supposed to stay inside. I would love this to comemorate him.

  49. Mary Friedling says

    I love this necklace. The face is so purrfect@

    • Super Hurrah!! Congratulations Mary. You are the winner of the Black Cat Necklace! I will be shipping your package to you tomorrow via USPS. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  50. Lisa Santorelli Wahlberg says

    My beloved Ti Amo passed away and this would be a fitting tribute to him. Boooo to feline diabetes 🙁

  51. duranie228 says

    Yes we have a gorgeous 8 year old black cat named Montana. He is our baby and is absolutely adored by my husband and myself. He is the heart and soul of our household! This beautiful necklace looks just like our Montana!

  52. LauraRichardson says

    I have two black kitties, and older and a younger brother from a feral mom that was very hard to trap. They are my joy!

  53. Leah Sophia says

    no black kittehs in my current household, but Benjie was as beautifully black as they come. I already pinned this necklace on pinterest and would love to win and wear one!

  54. Dorothea Battaglua says

    I have a black cat at home, her name is Salem and she is a great cat, many years ago I had another black cat named Blackie, he loved to fetch his cat toys, he was a great cat also.

  55. Patti Schmidt says

    I share my life with black cats three lol. They are the world to me!

  56. He was a Tuxedo before he passed

  57. Linda Szymoniak says

    Alas, I’ve never had a black cat, although we almost did – once. For the most part, our cats find US, and they are what they are. I’ve adopted cats from friends who couldn’t keep them and had them just show up at our house and not be able to find their homes, so we kept them. I did have one black cat who we named “Spinney”, show up at our house a number of years back, but my husband wouldn’t let us keep him. We DID, however, get him to a rescue where he got a great forever home. I really wish we could have kept him. I had an all-white cat named Anya at that time and it would have been cute, having one white and one black cat.

  58. Debora Sslmon says

    I share my life with my daughters cat Boots he is a black tuxedo. Very loveable 😉 😉 for approximately 3 to 5 seconds. Then he prefers to be left alone until he decides he wants more attention.

  59. I have a beautiful black cat named Mookie and she is my baby. She’s very spoiled and loved.

  60. Cheryl Mera says

    I have a beautiful boy Teeny – who is a long haired black cat. He is always by my side and I often refer to h im as my shadow. I cannot imagine life without him.

  61. Ann Richter Hickox says

    I’ve had black cats in the past and friends of mine have black cats now. I want one, but mostly I just let whatever cat decides it wants to be mine, choose me 🙂

  62. I don’t have a black cat right now, but I have had a couple special ones in my life.

  63. Cindy Martin says

    I share my studio apt with many cats, 4 of them are black, Einstein, Bugaboo, Molly, Jeffrey… all strays that found me!

  64. Julie Baker Parlacoski says

    No, I don’t share my home with a black cat but would, love them. Share my home with 3 saved cats 🙂

  65. I had a black cat about 15 years ago.

  66. Michael Shay says

    I have 6 actually. 2 are domestic short hair, and 4 are bombays.

  67. I don’t have a black cat, just orange and tuxedo boys! I want to adopt a black boy some day and name it Fury (after Nick in S.H.I.E.L.D.) and a tiger boy and name him Coulson (after Phil in S.H.I.E.L.D)!

  68. How cute!! Would love to win! Paws crossed!