Cats Play Compare and Contrast

When I was working on The Tiniest Tiger, I spent a lot of time looking at images of big cats.  I still look at images of big cats and think about how our cats’ behavior is the same as their big cat cousins.

Perhaps part of the love affair we have with our little cats is that they remind us of their big cat cousins and we like observing that independence and  wee bit of wild in our feline family members.

Friends of The Tiniest Tiger community will remember how much fun we had with Gracey’s Compare and Contrast.  This is the most popular image Gracey posted imitating one of her big cat cousins.

Gracey imitates tiger on tree

This image still makes me laugh.  Gracey sure did love her fig tree.  In case you can’t tell…Gracey is on the right. 😉

Last weekend we had unseasonably warm weather so we spent time outdoors observing some cats at The Columbus Zoo and once again the big cats reminded us of our own cats. Annie and Eddie wanted to share their own Compare and Contrast to follow in Gracey’s paw prints.

Two or Four Cougars Basking in the Sun?

compare Eddie Annie with cougars


Cats love to soak up the sun and that is true for all cats big and small. Notice that the two cats each have their own space yet remain close enough to know where the other cat is at all times.  Some cats like to stretch out and some cats like to curl up in the sun. Eddie and I know that we look exactly like the cougars so it is difficult to tell if there are two or four cougars in the image above.  Okay, we are on the right.  The cougars are on the left.

Sleeping in the Sun

Annie cougar sleeping

I think I might deserve an A-cat-emy Award for my portrayal of a cougar sleeping in the sun with just a bit of shade. I know I shouldn’t brag, but I think it is nearly impossible to tell me from the cougar.  Am I on the left or right?

Two Lazy Leopards

Lazy leopards

Looking through past Compare and Contrast images, we found this one of Lazy Leopard and his cousin.  We think Lazy Leopard set the standard for us.  Thank you for spending some time with us today.  And thank you for being our friend.  xoxoxo Annie, Eddie and Mercy.

(Don’t worry. Mercy is working on his Compare and Contrast too! )

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  1. This is one of my favorite things about all cats, big and small. They really are so similar regardless of their size!

  2. I think I look like a mountain lion! So imagine my disappointment when people meet me for the first time and say I have a tail like a squirrel.

  3. There is no contrast, only compare. Thanks for the hints, Eddie and Annie. I couldn’t tell the difference, and Frankly, I don’t think it matters. You’re all wonderful. Now I have to figure out who Frankly is.

  4. databbiesotrouttowne says

    guyz…theeze fotoz R awesum ….total lee 🙂

    ewe both inn deed R az feerce az de cougar

    az well az, sleepee az de cougar….984 pawz up 🙂

    N thanx for sharin…..

    all betz heer in de land oh trout say…annie ewe R de cat on de ~~~~~~~~~~