Eddie Takes Annie’s Worm Toy

Eddie with Annie's worm

Eddie knows he shouldn’t have moved Annie’s worm.

Do your cats have toys that they claim as their own?  If you share your home with more than one cat, chances are you know what I mean.  There is no shortage of toys in our house but Annie and Eddie have each chosen one toy that is their own.  They carry these toys around from place to place, chirp or sing while doing so, and often times hide the toy for safe keeping.

little lion in paul's slipper

Eddie’s Lion hiding in Paul’s slipper

Eddie’s favorite toy is his Little Lion.  He guards this lion every day.  I have found the lion in my shoe and in my office under the desk, but mostly he places the lion in Paul’s slipper for safekeeping.  Annie’s favorite toy is her green worm.  Annie has made this clear to both Eddie and Mercy that her worm is off limits.Annie with her green worm

But this didn’t stop Eddie when he happened upon Annie’s worm sitting all alone in the middle of the floor.

Annie's worm

Annie’s worm all alone in the middle of the floor.

This temptation to play with the worm was too strong for Eddie.

Eddie under chair with Annie's worm

Eddie sees Annie’s worm all alone.

Even though he thought about it for a few minutes he could not restrain from the urge to run with the worm.

The next time I saw Eddie he was casually lying on the rug with Annie’s worm.  He kicked it away from him when he knew I could see him.  I tried hard not to laugh but I couldn’t help myself.

Annie watching Eddie

Annie watches Eddie with her worm.

When I walked by again, Annie was watching Eddie with her worm and she was not happy.

Annie in her shark

Annie planning her attack to get her worm back.

Annie went into the sunroom to plan how to get her worm back from Eddie.

Eddie with Annie's worm

Eddie knows he shouldn’t have moved Annie’s worm.

Mercy wants no part of the kitten feud over the worm.


Mercy wants no part of the kitten feud.

Eddie took Annie’s worm into the sunroom but he seemed to begin to feel badly about taking her favorite toy.  When I checked on the cats the next time, Annie had her worm back in her possession.

Annie with worm in shark

Annie and her worm.

Eddie seemed to give up the worm freely and went back to playing with his racetrack.

Eddie playing with his race track

Eddie playing with his race track

All was forgiven later when the sunroom was locked for the night.  Annie and Eddie were snuggled together on the sofa ready for a long nap.

Annie and Eddie snuggled on sofa

Eddie and Annie snuggled together on the sofa.


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  1. Lee in Phoenix says

    Really cute pictures! Thanks for posting them, they put a smile on my old face.

  2. Chimera found these little pom-poms that came off Mommy’s socks and she carries them around and sings to them, they are her special toy but sometimes Yinny plays with them too. Yinny’s favorite is the ring around milk cartons.

  3. Mary Friedling says

    Poor Annie! The looks on her face!

  4. databbiesotrouttowne says

    eye dunno dood…just sayin…but if eye waz ewe; knot onlee wood eye moove lion sum place else, but eye wood all sew sleepz with one eye open fora few ~~~~

    tuna of moon 🙂 ??

  5. OMC, Annie’s face when she was watching Eddie play with her worm! We all have our favorites, but we don’t really care about each other’s.

  6. Sweet babies! My cat’s favorite toy is her I Love Black Cats Shaker from Triple T Studios!

  7. This is a fun encounter. Eddie, you better leave Annie’s worm alone. 😉