Annie and Eddie Wrestle and Make Up

Annie with a scratched nose

Annie and Eddie are best friends for sure, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their little wrestling matches, arguments and sometimes these escalate to some yowling and hissing.  Annie  got used to being the “boss” of the cats  but as Eddie grew into an adult cat, he decided he is his own cat and not always willing to be bossed around by Annie or Mercy for that matter.

Eddie and Annie Rumble CatIt

It’s my turn. No it’s my turn.

One of their more heated wrestling matches resulted in Annie getting a little scratch on her nose.  She was quite upset with Eddie.  She walked away from him and snubbed him every time he came around her.  After a few hours, Eddie seemed to begin to worry and tried to make amends with Annie.

Eddie asks Annie's forgiveness

Eddie asks Annie to forgive him.

In a valiant effort that melted my heart, I saw Eddie sit nearby Annie and try to snuggle.  Annie turned her head away from him, and the poor little guy looked so sad.

Eddie at Annie's paws

Eddie at Annie’s paws.

When Annie stood up to move away from Eddie, He seemed to throw himself at her paws in a move that surprised Annie too.  How could she stay angry with her best friend?

Annie and Eddie snuggled on sofa

Eddie and Annie snuggled together on the sofa.

Later I saw the two of them snuggled together on the sofa.  Everything was all better.



Mercy wants no part of the kitten feud.

Mercy remained in the sunroom on the cat tower.  He wanted no part of the kitten feud. 🙂

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  1. Lynda H. Donati says

    Our brothers act that way at times, too and neither is as smart as Mercy is 🙂

  2. databbiesotrouttowne says

    mercy….we heer ya buddy !!

    total lee awesum storee guyz…. ????

  3. Barbara McIntosh says

    What a sweet story! So wonderful that they are best friends.

  4. What a sweet picture story. So glad they are friends again !

  5. They are all just so sweet! Glad they made up 🙂

  6. Those pictures just melt my heart! Poor Eddie; he wants Annie to like him again. He’s trying so hard! Sweet indeed!!

  7. Siblings! This is how cats figure things out sometimes. Annie and Eddie are sweet.

  8. They are so cute. And Mercy is smart to just stay away.