Mercy is the King of the Ski Chalet Scratcher

Mercy is the King of the Chalet

We had to replace Annie’s holiday scratcher house as it was completely worn out.  The tabs were too weak to hold her snow cabin together and the scratcher was beginning to fall apart.  She loves her little house so we replaced it with another one.

Annie in snow cabin

Annie in her snow cabin.

In addition to a new house for Annie, we assembled a double decker ski chalet, hoping that the boys would occupy it and not hold wrestle mania in Annie’s cabin.  This was a good idea in theory but we underestimated Annie’s desire to claim both houses as her own. 🙂

Annie and Mercy Ski ChaletAnnie wasn’t sure what to think when Mercy decided the top deck of the ski chalet seemed a perfect perch for him.  He wasn’t bothering Annie, but Annie might have been thinking she wasn’t fond of Mercy taking the top spot.

Annie and Mercy We could see  Annie  plotting an overthrow of the chalet.

Annie and Mercy

Annie thought she was going to get her way when Mercy stood and stretched but then he sat back down.

Mercy and annieMercy decided to check in on the occupant of the lower deck.  If Annie asked him to vacate, Mercy had other ideas.

Mercy and Annie

Mercy declared himself  King of the Ski Chalet leaving Annie plotting a new takeover plan.

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  1. Joanne you know we have to get the kitties used to the travel trailer lol…for our retirement plans. 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!! <3

  2. We bought Willow a retro camper scratcher house. They are all so cute!

  3. Mustangbella says

    I also would love to know where you got these cute houses!!? Please!!??

  4. Cat Fleming says

    Where did you get the awesome scratchy chalet? I must have missed that post!

  5. databbiesotrouttowne says

    Annie; you and I both know different; but; tis the season to be nice. so let Mercy THINK he’s king…but just until 11:59 pm on the 25th ~~~ dai$y ??

  6. Aww I love King Mercy!

  7. That’s really cute. We got the log cabin for Christmas this year.
    Sue B