My Cat Rescued Me T-Shirt Giveaway

My Cat Rescued Me T-shirt

Friends of our community might already  know that Gracey was our inspiration for The Tiniest Tiger. If you are new to The Tiniest Tiger community,  you might not know we rescued Gracey from the dog pound where she was tossed down the chute where the sign read NO CATS!

The sign from the Dog Shelter where I was found

Gracey was put in the drop box even though it said NO CATS!

We had no plans to adopt a kitten but one look into her little eyes was all it took to tuck her into my coat and welcome her into our home.  Like all cats that share our lives, she changed us for the better. After Gracey became ill, she helped us find Annie.   And Annie, helped us find Eddie.   Annie and Eddie helped to heal our broken hearts after we lost Gracey.  We adopted them but they rescued us.

Our new My Cat Rescued Me T-Shirt  features a cat wearing a super-hero cape and a paw print. The 3/4 sleeve raglan t-shirt is a little longer than an average tee with a scalloped hem. Color-blocking adds style to the front and back of the shirt.

  • 4.4 ounce, 60/40 ring spun combed cotton/poly
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Shoulder and back yoke colorblocking
  • Scalloped hem
  • Heat transfer label for tag-free comfort

The My Cat Rescued Me T-Shirt Giveaway

My Cat Rescued Me T-shirt

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive the new My Cat Rescued Me T Shirt  from Triple T Studios.

If you can’t wait to learn more about this new tee  pounce here: Triple T Studios

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Let us know in the comment section below: Do you have a cat that rescued you?

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  1. Sandra Oldham Horne says

    I have 12 cats that rescue me everyday. I could not live without my babies.

  2. Heike Obergantschnig says

    I have 5 cats who rescued me

  3. Joann Sommers says


  4. Dana Rodriguez says

    Cute shirt! Yes I have two!

  5. Susan Pertierra says

    I have 2 cats that rescued me!

  6. Beth Ackerman says

    All of my kitties and I rescued each other; we each needed the other!

  7. Yes, I do.

  8. Julie Baker Parlacoski says

    I have 3 cats that rescued us. 2 boys and 1 girl. Love them all.

  9. I had 3 beautiful girls, all from the same litter, that rescued me. They helped me through some tough times. Now it’s only 2 and they definitely helped when we lost their sister.

  10. Yes, many – currently, and over the years (and more to come, I’m sure)!

  11. Linda Szymoniak says

    I’ve been rescued by many dogs and cats over the years. My most recent feline addition to our family is Kotoha, who I found as a tiny feral kitten over 1-1/2 years ago. She was just two weeks old and two of her siblings were dead (from an animal or something) and her mother nowhere to be found. I bottle fed her at first and she has grown up to be a beautiful, loving, healthy cat.

  12. Gloria Mazzorana says

    My Lexi found me, and decided I needed to be rescued. When she found me she was a 1 pound kitten in need of a home, so she climbed up into the bottom of my car, that is where I found her. When I got her out she climbed up on the shoulder and curled up purring, to this day that is still her favorite spot.

  13. Karen Scammell says

    Yes my beautiful Brenda, and my family’s cat Simba who brought us all closer together

  14. Judy Simon says

    I have plenty of kitties who rescued me! I don’t know what I would do without all 10! They are my life & bring such joy & laughter into our home….Rescues Rock!

  15. Holly Thomas says

    My cat Oskar rescued me more than me rescuing him.

  16. sandy weinstein says

    i dont have cats, but i donate to Safe Haven for Cats Rescue. they have the only pet food bank in the area. i have 2 dogs that have rescued me and mean the world to me. i would love to have a Maine Coon Cat, but i dont think my dogs would like it even though the cat would be bigger than they are.

  17. Dash Kitten in NZ says

    I have been rescued time without number by my cats. When I lost Dash Kitten in a dog attack it was anipal buddies on Twitter and my cats that kept me going. I would be lost without every single one, and I would take as many again if I could afford it. Cats make our life worth living. Marjorie Dawson

  18. Cathy Keisha says

    I rescued Pop. 10 days after I moved in, he had major back surgery. When he came home from hospital, I kept him sane. I will feral and he couldn’t touch me but I stayed in bed with him and walked into the kitchen with him. We were inseparable. He said he never would have last home six weeks without me.

  19. Yes, I have a 21 year old cat that was a stray. She is my baby, we grew up together. I also have a eight year old kitty too. He was a stray also.

  20. Monica Wong says

    My kitty taught me to ‘live in the moment’ as life can be too short.

  21. Krista Shull says

    When I lost my Sally (tortie) I was devastated as she and I had shared more together than I had with any person…I knew I wanted to rescue again and saw My Willow’s picture on Facebook with a dog rescue group that didn’t know much about how to help a kitten. That was it… I took her in and she renewed my spirit and I continue to work in Rescue to this day.

  22. Cheryl Young says

    Yes! Oz and Zoey rescue me on a daily basis.

  23. Marilyn Nawara says

    Yes. Mr. B rescued me about 7 years ago — he was a small kitten that someone dropped off on the side of the road in the middle of winter.

  24. Judy Thomas says

    I have 5 rescue cats that rescued me too. They show me unconditional love when I need it the most.

  25. At three times in my life, when I needed a friend the most, a precious tuxedo cat found her way to me. Cats are my angels, and I think it’s because they have an inexplicable way of empathizing that is unparalleled. Their presence, unwavering devotion and unconditional support are the greatest gifts you can ever receive.

  26. Great Giveaway! Thank you so much! My kitties, (2 outside ferals and 2 Ragdolls and a Maine Coin rescue) mean rhe world to me!

  27. Sharon A. Allen says

    We lost our precious furbaby Smeaggy 5 Years ago. I was so heartbroken that I couldn’t leave the house. Then my husband took me to Petsmart where I found my Mini who is my hero.

  28. Phyllis Beeler says

    Yes, my baby Missey was handed to me as a kitten, and is my constant companion, day AND night . She is now going to be 19 yrs old in 1 months time.

  29. Lisa Pecora says

    All my cats have rescued me. We love each other so much!

  30. Yes, I’ve had my rescue for 15 yrs. now, he’s my little old man who I still call my baby. 🙂

  31. Rita Spratlen says

    Yes I have 2 rescue cats from Portland Humane Society. They are now about 6 and a half months old now!! They were found on the streets!

  32. The Island Cats says

    We all rescued our mom. 🙂

  33. Theresa Spaid says

    My Sneaky Pie would have been killed if I didn’t take him almost 12 years ago. He knows if I need comfort and he is my little companion especially since the passing of my Mushu

  34. Our cat came into my families life 8 yeas ago and made our family more complete!

  35. No, I don’t have a cat that rescued me.

  36. Cat Fleming says

    Ive had several cats that rescued me over the years. But I’m especially fond of Binx. She was a stray hanging around our apartments. I thought she was grown but just very small & skinny. I was getting over a divorce at the time and even though i already had 2 cats, I patiently tried to befriend her to find her a home. First I just put food & water out, but she wouldn’t come eat till i went inside. Then I sat on the porch quietly every day while gradually moving the bowl closer to me til she would eat in my presence, as long as I was still & quiet. Then one day, after she ate, she came over & rubbed on my leg. I was smitten!
    Gradually she would let me scratch her head, until we were friends. She was very vocal. Everyday, she would come to my door & meow loudly until
    I came out & fed her. Then one morning, after feeding & petting her, I opened the door to go inside & she ran over to the door, meowing. I stepped back & said, “would you like to come in?” and she walked right in like it was her home all along. When I took her to the vet, he said she was only about 6 months old. I tried to locate an owner, but no one claimed her so she was mine. She still meows very loudly when she wants something & she’s 10 yrs old now. My son says every time I leave, she cries at the door & it sounds like she’s saying “mom, mom, mom ‘

  37. ClickClick says

    I have 11 at the moment that have rescued me. I never stop loving them, and a new one just wandered up, so we are feeding her/him and will welcome it into our home. I have been a cat lover all my life. I also feed some feral colonies, and they come running when they hear my car every morning. I think one was someone’s pet, and I can almost pet him. He will also be welcomed into our home.

  38. Vicky Kurowski says

    Back in 2006, my life was not far from being in a gutter. Was getting sober from drug abuse and felt like I had no place in society. Walked into the shelter in Munster and decided to adopt a tripod tortie. She saved my life. How could i come home high and not feel guilty? I just couldn’t look her in the eyes if was in that.condition. i adopted her so she deserved 100% of me. 100% of realness. She gave me unconditional love and I started to volunteer at the shelter. I lost Trio in December of 2016 but have fostered many kitties(and greyhounds) over the years. And have several of my own kitties too. My best friends all either work or volunteer for local shelters/rescue organizations. Now I feel like I belong . THIS is my place in society. It’s been a great 12 years and many more are to come. And yes, still sober.

  39. I had two (sadly only one now!) who rescued me, plus they brought along 4 precious kittens to assist! They’ve been with me through ups and downs and we enjoy each other thoroughly!

  40. Kat Poling Olmstead says

    Yes, my beautiful cat, Gracie, rescued my family 10 years ago.

  41. Karen Kwasniewski says

    Yes my four cats rescued me after my mother died.

  42. Yes, my cats definitely rescued me and continue to keep me sane! I have 5 fuzzies currently, though most of them were unintentional. My old lady tortie Vagrant (AKA Veggie) was an unplanned acquisition on a trip to see my Dad, roughly 15 years ago, and went over to visit with his neighbor who had barn kittens. She ended up finding her way home with us when we left. She has gone from standoffish spaz to an eventual part-time lap cat over the years, and has definitely claimed me as her own. My calico, Luna, was actually saved from the ASPCA after my first calico passed away. Smokey found us shortly after we moved into a new place and just before one of our young boys passed away from acute kidney failure, and we took him with us when we moved not long after. Flotsam (and his brother Jetsam who we found another home for) came from our landlord of all places after he found them under his porch. And lastly, Scratches came home from my husband’s work parking lot and firmly attached herself to me.

  43. Susan Marie says

    Yes, and am proud to be here for the both of the kitties.
    Cats and kittens adopt a special person to take care of them, it happens for reasons that we surely appreciate. Thank you.

  44. Laura Weismann says

    I was rescued by a kitten that was abandoned also !!
    Purrrfect shirt !!

  45. I have 3 rescued cats including a feral kitten. They are best buds with our 3 rescued dogs. We continue to rescue each other every day.

  46. Kris Gilley says

    Both of my cats rescued me. My first cat was an older, dumped and pregnant Siamese. I chose to adopt her over any of her kittens partly because I’d never had cats before. Also, when I visited her foster home, I was the only person she ever curled up beside and let touch her. The next year I adopted a brown tabby from the same rescuer. She was on display at my vet’s office and put her paw up to the cage door and held it to my hand. She had been spayed and her ear clipped to be out back out as a feral cat, but the rescuer recognized she needed to be a homed cat.

  47. I have our inside cats, who are all ‘rejects’ due to either medical problems or lack of finding a home when they were socialized. Did they rescue me? Yes certainly. I have days when I dont feel up to things, they make my day brighter and worth doing things. Their happy purrs, their crazy cat antics. I also feed two colonies. Did they rescue me? Yes, because even on the harshest winter days, I know they depend on me to help them with a good meal, fresh water and making sure they are cared for.
    ellen beck on form

  48. My cat Tubby rescued me. He came into my life as a stray all dirty and full of fleas and he was tiny for his age. He filled a void in my life from the loss of my BearBear. He has a special place in my heart.
    Sue B

  49. Wow, I love it! My only suggestion is that you offer another version of cats plural, lol. I have 4 babies that rescued me. I find that they really always rescue me… I love them to pieces!

  50. I have two rescue cats. The first one rescued me when she came. She became my best friend and confidant!

  51. A baby kitten showed up in my backyard in July of 2016, I brought her in & started feeding her & took her to the vet the following month. I named her zippy, she really moves, when she runs. She follows me around the house, and is totally attached to me.

  52. Every cat I have had the pleasure of being owned by has touched my heart in their own way. They have ALL rescued me. Even the ones I thought I was saving turned right around saved me when I didn’t even know I needed saving.

  53. Nancy Loring says

    My Angel adopted my family 13 years ago. She was a little bit of a thing he weighed 5 lbs maybe and that is the size she stayed. Even though she was small she ruled our house. Even the 2 dogs who weigh over 100 lbs each were afraid of here. She just passed a few weeks ago and I miss here every day.

  54. Ashley Ferrara says

    My cats all rescued me, I have a houseful and most are special needs. All were strays taken off the streets. They make me happy, provide much laughter, and use their furry sweet faces to get out of trouble.

  55. Sonya Allstun says

    I have 9 cats I rescued 4 are special needs

  56. All of our cats are rescues!

  57. Alexis & Mitzi for GinnyCat says

    Ginny, Mitzi and Luna were and are rescues and they all came into my life when I needed rescue too! Who rescued whom? We all rescued each other, thank you my furkids!

  58. Tabitha Scott says

    Would love this shirt. I have 2 Loving boys in my life who found me ..

  59. Vickie Kohn says

    My large male cat Leo completely rescued me. He wandered up to a friend of mine not far from my house and kept my meowing until he got her attention. When she called me over he walked right up to me sniffed my feet, walked away up my driveway to my door and sat down waiting for me to let him in the house. He knew he was home.

  60. I found a 3-week old scrap of fur with a twisted paw and infected eyes stumbling in a lane in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I became a Cat Mama and kitty became my new family. After a few months, I was off anti-depressant medication and still am 5 years later. My kitty opened to me a new world of love, simplicity and honesty and I shudder to think that the life of this precious little being would likely have ended under the wheel of a car like too many kitties in that city. God was playing match-maker that day for 2 of God’s beloved creations: I found kitty and kitty rescued me. Thank you, God! ?

  61. C Indy Thomas says

    Yes I have a cat ,Bob, short for Bobarino,that rescued the whole family.We adopted him when he was 6 weeks old. In March he will be a healthy 15 years old. One very early am we heard him making a very loud weird noise over and over. We all ran to him and he was by a electrical outlet that was smoking. He rescued us, saved our lives. We are all forever grateful and love him so very much.

  62. Mustangbella says

    Completely agree!!! All 5 of our precious kitties were rescued!! 3 were strays outside our house and 2 we found at rescues. They are our kids so we have 9 kids!! Love the shirt and hope we win!!

  63. Tracy Shafer says

    I do..I have 3 very spoiled, very loved cats.

  64. Teresa Taylor says

    yes, they rescue me from the rigors of everyday life 🙂

  65. “Do you have a cat that rescued you?” We got our cat at the animal shelter, so, sure, yes, she rescued us! We were lucky to find her!

  66. Yes, Miss Waikiki rescued me after I lost Princess Leinani. I was so depressed and she brought light to my life when I got her. She came from a rescue in my town and when I adopted her, I also started volunteering for the rescue. I found out later on that Kiki and her siblings came into the rescue the same day was diagnosed with heart failure. I still believe Nani was the one who put me in the path of this rescue. Her and Kiki both changed my life. Miss Kiki still makes me laugh (5 years later) with the silly things she does.

  67. Kristy Lynn Wright says

    all of my babies were rescued in some form…i just adopted 3 last fall because the shelter wanted them to stay together, and we all know how hard it is to get 2 adopted together,let alone 3!

  68. Janet Collins says

    I guess I would have to say, they all have a part in rescuing me, not only from the pain of losing one before, but in every day life, as I come home from work, stressed, they move right in and do their “rescue” The power of cat love and purrs….their sweet little faces, waiting at the front door…well, you know 🙂