Spring Came Late to the Cats’ Sunroom

Mercy and Annie on CPT

It was a long cold winter and even though it is April 21, we were under a freeze warning this morning!  Don’t worry, Mercy, Annie and Eddie have a heater in the sunroom that Paul turns on very early in the morning so when the cats are ready to go into the room, it isn’t too cold for them.

Eddie smells fresh air

Eddie especially loves to sniff fresh air.  I often indulge him by opening the window a crack even when it is freezing outside.

Annie and Eddie love the track

Eddie also loves his track.  Sometimes Annie will curl up inside the other half of the track.

Annie and Eddie

At times, I think Annie might do this just to tease Eddie.  What do you think?

Eddie moose

Eddie loves his toy moose too.  Unlike the track, he does not share his toy with Mercy or Annie. He is quite serious about this.

Annie crowding Eddie on CPT

The battle for the top of the Cat Power Tower continues.  Annie crowded in on Eddie when he was on top of the tower.  I think Eddie might have said she was hogging the space.

MErcy and Annie

This was a first!  Mercy and Annie sharing the top of the Cat Power Tower!  Paul and I could not believe our eyes.

Annie and Mercy

It didn’t last long.  Mercy relocated to the middle of the tower.

Eddie and MercyWhen the sun came out, Eddie claimed the top platform for himself forcing Annie off the cat power tower.

Annie sunshine

Don’t worry.  Annie found sunshine in another location and was happy to soak up some rays.  Paul and I plan to do the same later today.  Wishing you a happy Saturday full of sunshine and cat cuddles.

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