Cats, Baking & Napping by the Fire

Eddie The Tiniest Tiger

Baking Means Cats in Exile

It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas cookie baking means one thing to Annie, Eddie and Mercy…. a day in exile.  Now before you begin to feel too sorry for them, understand this means they will spend the day in their beloved sun room complete with heat, snacks, toys and of course a litter box tucked neatly into a corner.  

Cats in sunroom
Annie, Eddie and Mercy in Exile

This photo captures each cat’s personality.  You can see Mercy hanging close to the door, using all of his ability to will the door open.  If you look close you will see Mercy’s nose prints all over the glass.  He is certain if he pushes the door, surely it will open.  Eddie waits quietly on the coffee table.  His little eyes pleading with us to open the door.  He wouldn’t come inside anyway…but like all cats he prefers the door open just in case he might want inside.  Annie is perched on top of the Cat Power Tower.  Annie pretends to be indifferent, even aloof.  Who cares about what is happening inside?  Not me.  

But when the door is unlocked, Annie will leap over the boys and be the first to run inside to snoop around. She can’t wait to find out what we have been doing in the kitchen.

christmas cookies

It is safer for the cats to remain in the sun room when we work in the kitchen and it enables us to keep a sanitary work environment without the risk of curious little paws getting in the way.

Sweet Freedom and a Warm Place to Nap

Mercy on the rug
Mercy ready to nap by the fire

Mercy is the first to run to the rug in front of the fireplace.   He doesn’t have much interest in sugar cookies or icing.

Eddie by the fire

Mercy soon tires of too much togetherness and heads off to the ottoman for a softer napping place.  Eddie takes over the cat rug in front of the fireplace for a few minutes while Annie continues to sniff all around the kitchen trying to figure out what happened to all those cookies.

Annie takes over the cat rug for a long nap.

Annie decides she is too tired to keep investigating after a long day of bird watching and pouting.  Eddie moved on to do perimeter checks of the house.  We call Eddie chief of security as he carefully walks the entire house making sure everything is in order.

Annie can barely keep her eyes open when we start the fireplace up for her.  Baking complete and three happy cats napping.  Not a bad day.

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