A Sad Day in Cats’ Backyard

Family of Foxes in our Backyard

This winter, we were fortunate to share our backyard with a Fox and her four kits. We watched them grow from small little bundles into youngsters with the most beautiful coats and tails.

Mom Fox checking out the yard

We watched them chase each other around our trees, burrow down in a den for the night and sometimes just lounge in the grass. We watched mom fox guarding over her youngsters. Each night just before dark, we would be entertained by the family of five.

Mom Fox seemed to know that we meant her no harm. Annie, Eddie and Mercy were captivated watching the energetic kits leap and run feverishly through the yard.

We set up a couple of cameras to capture the nightly activities of the family. The foxes were a warm welcome to a cold winter

Young fox in grass
Young Fox in morning grass

Over the last few weeks, the kits began to disperse. Exploring a little further away each time. We knew this day would come and hoped that they would all stay safe and live long healthy lives.

Yesterday morning we got a message from our neighbor that a fox had been killed by a car. She saw the poor little thing on her way to an appointment.

We couldn’t bear the thought of the little fox getting run over and over so we collected the body and brought him home to be buried where he was born.

The boys seemed to know something happened.

Farewell, Friend.

While we were digging the grave, tears began to flow. We loved the little fox and our hearts were broken. We wish people would slow down for wildlife. This little guy was part of a family and touched the hearts of the many neighbors who delighted in watching his family.

Fox in backyard
Photo by Joanne McGonagle
Rest in Peace knowing you are loved.
Annie watching from the house while we say farewell to our little fox.

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