Born To Be Cats! Journey With Me to Discover our One True Nature

Born to be a Cat!

Did you know the house cat is a direct descendant of the African Wildcat?  House cats are in the same family, the Felidae

African Wild Cat and Gracey

Meet our cousin the African Wildcat!

family, as the big cats. The family tree branches out to include the different subfamilies. The Pantherinae subfamily includes the Tiger, (Panthera tigris), the Lion, (Panthera leo), the Jaguar, (Panthera onca) and the Leopard, (Panthera pardus).

House cats belong to the Felinae subfamily.  Within this subfamily is the genus known as Felis. The African Wildcat (Felis silvestris lybica) is the house cats (Felis silvestris catus)  closest relative.  Did you know that our African Wildcat cousins are still living the wild life?

My stunt double Flat Gracey and my mom have just returned from meeting with the Purina One Cat Team in St. Louis where they discussed a new and exciting program to understand the true nature of cats. The Purina One team traveled to South Africa to learn more about our wild cousins, the African Wildcat,  to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a cat. They asked me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger and my mom, to join the journey with them.  We will be observing, asking questions and learning together how to better understand the cats in our lives.

As you know, I get into trouble from time to time and I tell you that I just can’t help myself.  Through this discovery journey  I will  show you that it is really true! I can’t help myself because I was born to be a cat.  I think that all of the things that make a cat a cat are all the same  reasons  our human parents love us.

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The Tiniest Tiger’s Ancestor’s First Thanksgiving

We Cats have been co-existing with humans for thousands of years. I use the word co-existing because I think it is a much more accurate description of the feline-human relationship than the word domesticated.  Domesticated is a terrific description for dogs, but not for cats.

Over a relatively short period of time, our ancestors the African wildcats, were able to infiltrate human settlements, by endearing themselves as protectors of the Egyptian grain stores.  Their hunting prowess drew amazement and praise from the Egyptians and our ancestors found themselves invited into the inner circle where they were provided shelter and food.  It wasn’t long before our fore-cats were exalted to deity status.

This Thanksgiving, I started thinking about my ancestors. With Bad Kitty’s help, I was able to stalk and pounce on a few tidbits of information about my family. Here is what we found


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