Gracey’s Legacy Helping Kids in the Class Room

Gracey’s Legacy  Living On

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

The end of August brought on a new wave of sadness for us.  August hasn’t been our favorite month for the past few years for a variety of reasons. Life threatening illnesses and injuries to good friends, losing loved ones, and this August was no exception.  Sadness has a way of sneaking up and taking you hostage if you aren’t careful.  I didn’t write  much in August and when September came, I realized that I let the month of August come and go and decided to shake off the blues.  I had some help.

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Vote Cat and Support Great American Heroes, our Veterans

Is America a Cat Country or a Dog Country?

Team Cat

Across our country, one debate continues long after the election is over.  Passionate Pet Parents wonder, “Is America a Cat Country or a Dog Country?”  We cats already know this answer, but we must exercise patience and wait for our canine friends to catch on.  They can’t help it they are a bit slower. They are too busy playing fetch and performing tricks for snacks to realize that cats have already taken over the country.

We cats like to tease our dog friends, but the truth is both dogs and cats give humans unconditional love, companionship, connection and a sense of purpose. Cats and dogs are also good for our human’s mental, emotional and physical health. There are  studies that prove we cats and dogs too  can lower stress, blood pressure and anxiety.

For Every Vote Purina will donate $1 to Pet Partners’ Veteran Programs

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Now we can prove to the dogs that cats rule, and help support our great American heroes, our veterans at the same time!  Pet Partners’ veteran programs support America’s veterans, connecting them to dogs and cats so they can experience the real mental, physical and emotional benefits animals can provide.  The donation Purina will make on behalf of voters in America’s Pet Debate will help fund visits to veterans from therapy animal teams.

That’s why for every vote in America’s Pet Debate, Purina will donate $1 to Pet Partners’ veteran programs, up to $100,000.  Let’s rally together and get our friends and neighbors voting to help our veterans with this  meaningful effort!

How You Can Help!

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