Happy Father’s Day to Cat Dads Too

Paul and Mercy

Paul and Mercy

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Can You Inherit A Love For Animals? A Father’s Day Tribute

Dad on his pony

My dad on his pony

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How I Mended My Dad’s Broken Heart

Gracey putting a couple of cat hairs in Dad's teaYou might remember that my dad and I have a morning ritual that involves getting up super early, chomping chow and drinking hot tea.  My dad drinks the tea in case you are wondering.

Even when I get too excited to wait for the alarm to go off and get my dad up out of bed, he just picks me up and tells me  he loves me, and we enjoy  the early morning together.

He always drinks his morning  tea from the Meow Chow mug that I gave him as a present on the first Father’s Day after I was adopted by  my parents. That is the Meow Chow mug in the photo above.

Two weeks ago, something unexpected happened.  In the big picture of life, you wouldn’t  say that it was something terribly awful or tragic , but to my dad, it was a little bit heartbreaking.  Here is what happened.

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My Dad is Reading Cat Fancy and Now I am Worried!

Gracey watching her dad from the Cat Power TowerMy dad doesn’t realize that I can see him from on top of my Cat Power Tower in the sunroom.  He is sitting in the kitchen, drinking his tea and reading a magazine. But not just any magazine, he is reading the August issue of Cat Fancy that arrived at our habitat yesterday.

Now you might not think that reading Cat Fancy is a peculiar activity and it is certainly not unusual for one of my parents to be looking through this magazine, but it isn’t just that he is reading the magazine, it is the particular article that has his interest, that has me worried.

As you know, Dad and I often share a middle of the night cup of tea and chow chomping time.  I look forward to spending this quiet time with him in the wee hours of the morning when it is still dark and not even the birds are singing.

But now this morning, I see him reading this article and I wonder why he is so interested in this topic.  This has me a bit concerned and I am not certain what to do.    Here is a photo I snapped catching him in the act.

Paul reading Cat Fancy

My dad reading Cat Fancy

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