Fireworks Without the Boom! Protecting Pets and Wildlife.

Fireworks with kitten and headset

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How To Help Protect Your Cat From Fear of Fireworks

Annie the innocent

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Please Consider Staying Home with your Cat on 4th of July

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger and Lazy Leopard on 4th of July This 4th of July, I am going to ask you to consider staying home with your cat. And to consider creating a safe place of refuge from the noises of the holiday.

I know there are a lot of festivities and plenty of fun things to do but can you do these things during the day and then plan on being back inside safe and secure with your cat in your habitat when the sun goes down?

The reason that I ask you is that we cats are afraid of  super loud noises. You know we don’t like thunderstorms but fireworks and firecrackers can be even more spooky.  I can’t hardly stand to think about it now! ~shiver~

Noise is measured in units called decibels.  The decibel range is from 0  to 140, the higher the number, the louder the noise.  When humans are exposed to noise levels of 110 decibels or more for more than one minute, hearing loss can occur. Noise levels of 130 decibels or over will be painful and is likely to cause immediate hearing damage. In fact, no more than 15 minutes of unprotected exposure to 100 decibels is recommended.

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