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Living With A Crazy Kitten


The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image

Congratulations to Sue B, our winner!

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Cat Seeks Advice on How To Survive Living With Kittens

How Does a Cat Survive Living With Kittens?

Maggie St. Francis

Maggie is asking St. Francis to guide the kittens towards taking more naps.

Maggie is doing her best to acclimate. Some days are better than others for her as is to be expected.  A new home, mending her broken heart from losing Marie, new humans and kittens too is a lot of adjusting for any cat. She has made  progress since her days of hiding under the night stand and now Maggie keeps me company in the office. Right now she is curled up on the desk beside me helping me write.  I think if Maggie could speak, she might ask me, “How am I to survive living with those two kittens?”

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