House Cat Hairball We Need to Talk

Gracey Talks about House Cat Hair Balls

We need to talk, about house cat hair balls.

House Cat Hairballs.  There I have said it.

Friends, we need to have a talk about the one thing that might just give our canine companions the leg up when it comes to sharing the home with our pet parents. Now I know what you are thinking  and it is true, we cats have far less issues than dogs. We are super intelligent versus  the workaday mind of the canine,  we do not need to be potty trained like a puppy and  our voices are soothing and pleasant, except when provoked, versus the shrill and decibel busting bark of the dog.  I could go on but there is no need to kick a dog while it is down.  What I mean is, dogs just can not help that they are sloppy, smelly and silly so we accept and love them for what they are.

However, in a recent scientific study conducted at the Lazy Leopard Research Institute, a cat issue was stepped on and brought to our attention.  Even though dog issues far outnumber cat issues, as you can clearly see in the Venn diagram below,  we are compelled to point out that we cats have one issue that seems to cause our human parents grief and that is, the hairball.

Dog Cat Venn Diagram

The hair ball is a cat's only issue

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