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Vaccinations in the Tip of a Cat’s Tail

According to the authors of a study recently published in the  Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery,  giving vaccinations in the tip of a cat’s tail instead of

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below the knee encourages more cat owners to have their cats treated for cancer if the disease develops at the injection site.

At present, injections are given below the knee joint of the leg, with the understanding that amputation is the most effective treatment for cancer near vaccination sites.  But, many owners reject amputation because it is  disfiguring, painful and expensive.

The study examined administering vaccinations in the tip of a cat’s tail and found that it appeared to be as effective as giving shots at traditional sites. Tail vaccination would make surgical treatment of cancer near vaccine sites much easier and less disfiguring, the researchers said.

“One to 10 cats out of every 10,000 vaccinated against infectious diseases develop cancer at the vaccine injection site. It’s still important to vaccinate because death from these infections is much more common than the cancer, but unfortunately this complication is one that does affect thousands of cats each year” -Julie Levy, a professor of shelter medicine at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

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