Nutrigenomics. Holy Cat! You Really Are What You Eat!

Nutrigenomics is a field of study that combines nutrition and genetics with the goal of using nutrition to prevent chronic diseases. Scientists completed the mapping of the human genome in 2003, and have since discovered that what you eat can influence your genes!

The link between food and health is well documented but people still struggle to find the right balance

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between diet (energy going in) and exercise (energy going out). Some eat too little in either variety or quantity leading to malnutrition and some eat too much leading to obesity.

In 2004, Hill’s Pet Nutrition brought together the building, lab equipment and scientific expertise to begin a Nutrigenomics Research Program. Findings from the Nutrigenomics lab at the Pet Nutrition Center help Hill’s understand how nutrients and ingredients in pet foods interact with genes, proteins and metabolites in the body. The next step is to understand how to capture these interactions for the benefit of a cat or dog’s health.

Hill’s Nutrigenomics research program provides the scientists with a better understanding of disease and aging. This research enables the scientists to identify the specific nutrients that return these processes to a healthy state, so that they can develop new formulas that help improve a cat’s quality of life.

It is true that nothing in food can change the genes that you are born with, but nutrition can influence how those genes function. The research in progress at Hill’s has given them an exceptional understanding of the molecular basis of disease and health, the biochemical response to food, and the biochemical action of nutrients.

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