House Cats Control Humans, Feline Secret Exposed.

The Tiniest Tiger

The Tiniest Tiger getting ready to unleash the manipulative meow.

House Cat Secret Cry Exposed

Human researchers have been trying to gain an understanding of  inter-specific communication, the interactions between individuals of different species, for quite some time. Despite this desire, few studies sought out to understand the interactions between companion animals and the humans that share their habitat.

However, a recent study  exposed  one of the house cats best kept secrets, that cats are able to control their humans by making a subtle change in their purr that exploits the sensory biases of the humans that share their homes. Cats are able to embed a high frequency vocal component within their low frequency purr that triggers a sense of urgency in their humans.

House cats use many different tactics and signals to communicate with their humans. Sometimes if a cat feels a hunger pang and breakfast is not served, the cat might attempt to wake their parent by knocking items off of the night stand or leaping onto their beds and waking them with intense staring or a tap of the paw.  If these efforts fail, the cat will turn to its secret weapon, the solicitation purr also known as the manipulative meow.

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