Cats Shed for Hairball Awareness Day #PetHairSolutions

Annie with FURminator

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National Hairball Awareness Day and FURminator Giveaway!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageCongratulations and Super Hurrah to Pearl Audrey our winner of the FURminator Giveaway.

Friends, yesterday we learned that  the #1 condition reported by 35 percent of cat-owning households is hairballs!  So today on National Hairball Awareness Day , we are going to learn about how our parents  can  eliminate  the Eww… from our homes by doing one small thing for us. They simply need to grab hold of a FURminator® deShedding Tool and groom us.

The FURminator® helps prevent hairballs  while reducing shedding up to  90%! This definitely  keeps cats happier and healthier and give our tongues a break too. We cats spend up to  30% of our time grooming so when you help us out, most of us appreciate it even if we have an odd way of showing it.

Because the expert groomers at FURmintor® know how much fur comes off of one cat, they rounded up our favorite cat ladies to create a celebrity look alike out of their cat’s hair.  You can find all of these creation in the  “FUR Creature” Gallery.  Our friends were wildly creative and quite talented using the cat hair as a medium.  I was not feeling inspired at first and then,  with the support and cheering on of our cousin Romeo the cat, I was able to create my own “Fur Creature” even without thumbs.  Here is my creation.

Cee Lo and Purrfect Fur Creature

My attempt to create Cee Lo and Purrfect

When you see the marvelous work of our friends, mine looks well, it looks like it looks.  To see all the other wonderful celebrities made of cat fur check out the Fur Creature Gallery on the FURminator’s Facebook page.

Enter to Win Your Own FURminator® to Help Your Cat.

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House Cat Hairball We Need to Talk

Gracey Talks about House Cat Hair Balls

We need to talk, about house cat hair balls.

House Cat Hairballs.  There I have said it.

Friends, we need to have a talk about the one thing that might just give our canine companions the leg up when it comes to sharing the home with our pet parents. Now I know what you are thinking  and it is true, we cats have far less issues than dogs. We are super intelligent versus  the workaday mind of the canine,  we do not need to be potty trained like a puppy and  our voices are soothing and pleasant, except when provoked, versus the shrill and decibel busting bark of the dog.  I could go on but there is no need to kick a dog while it is down.  What I mean is, dogs just can not help that they are sloppy, smelly and silly so we accept and love them for what they are.

However, in a recent scientific study conducted at the Lazy Leopard Research Institute, a cat issue was stepped on and brought to our attention.  Even though dog issues far outnumber cat issues, as you can clearly see in the Venn diagram below,  we are compelled to point out that we cats have one issue that seems to cause our human parents grief and that is, the hairball.

Dog Cat Venn Diagram

The hair ball is a cat's only issue

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National Hairball Awareness Day!

Today is National Hairball Awareness Day!

The FURminator and Romeo the Cat are  here to help us Cats say

Hasta la vista to Hairballs!

FURminator tool

FURminator Short Hair Small Cat deShedding Tool

Many of you know that I am not fond of being brushed.  I know, I know, you have told me now Gracey, my kitty just loves being brushed and that they will just let you brush and brush and brush.  Well until my mom started using the FURminator Short Hair Small Cat deShedding Tool, I rated brushing right up there with ear cleaning and nail trimming. ~shiver~

Then our Friend Romeo the Cat suggested that we try  the FURminator. When it arrived at our habitat , I knew it was for me as soon as it came out of the box because it was a pretty pink color and my mom said oh, Gracey look what came in the mail like I should be excited too. But then the strangest thing happened. My mom started brushing me and it actually felt good.  Honest it did. I even stretched out long so that she could brush me all down my sides.

Even though I am a domestic short hair, you should have seen the fur coming off of me.  And the more that came off the better I started to feel too.  I even let my mom brush my chest and belly! Romeo was right about the FURminator and he has a lot more fur than me so he knows what he is talking about!

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