3 Reasons to Love and Celebrate Snakes!

The Year of the Snake!

Year of the Snake 2013 image

As the Lunar New Year begins, billions of humans are celebrating the year of the snake.  But, if you ask your friends and family members,  chances are they might shiver and declare their disgust and sometimes hatred of snakes.  It is important to remember that most snakes are not venomous. And that snakes do not seek out humans preferring to coexist from a distance just like you might prefer to keep your distance from them. Most snakes will bite only in self-defense so don’t mess with them and they won’t mess with you.  Most humans in fact, do not interact or even see a living snake in their day to day lives so why  the fear and loathing of snakes?

If you are afraid of  snakes, don’t be ashamed, you might not be able to help it due to your evolutionary history. Humans that learned quickly to respect and keep their distance from snakes were more likely to survive and pass on their genes. Anthropologists think survival skills to notice snakes in the wild may have led early primates to develop better vision and larger brains. Today however, most humans do not need to be on full alert and fearful of snakes to make it through their day.  So as we start 2013, the Year of the Snake, let’s find at least 3 reasons to love and celebrate snakes.

3 Reasons to Love and Celebrate Snakes!

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Reject Resolutions and Be Grateful Instead

Say Goodbye to New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy 2014 too!

We wrote this article at the end of 2011 but  think it is worth changing the date and re-posting. We hope you do too.

Happy New Year, Gracey and Joanne

Happy New Year 2013 Global Awakening

Goodbye 2012!

As we say goodbye to 2012, why not also say goodbye to making New Year’s Resolutions for 2013? Let’s face it, if you are one of the overwhelming majority of humans, and statistically speaking, you more than likely are, you won’t stick to the resolution anyway and this deviation from the plan can lead you down a path of self-destruction!

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Bring in The New Year with Bad Kitty’s Cup of Good Cheer Giveaway!

Bad Kitty's Cup of Good Cheer

In case some of you were wondering why my pal Bad Kitty didn’t have his own giveaway, it was because he wanted to wait and celebrate the New Year with his Cup of Good Cheer Giveaway!

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The Tiniest Tiger Wishes you a Super Sparkly and Warm New Year!



I want you all to have a Super Sparkly and Warm New Year!

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