Check Get Notifications to See Facebook Updates in News Feed

Check Get Notifications for The Tiniest Tiger Updates in your News Feed.

screen shot The Tiniest Tiger fb

The Tiniest Tiger Facebook Page

Friends have been sending me messages telling me they are not seeing my updates from The Tiniest Tiger’s Facebook page in their News Feed.  You might not know that  Facebook has a new feature for members of our community to opt in to receive notifications every time a post is made on The Tiniest Tiger page. And this is not just for The Tiniest Tiger page of course, but for all the pages that you want to stay in touch with to make sure you are up to date with tall the latest news.

Here’s How to Check Get Notifications

1) Get Notifications is off by default, so you will need to go to The Tiniest Tiger page.

2) Hover your mouse over the Liked button

3) Then click on the Get Notifications.  Just like in the image below:

get notification page

Notification Image from via Brittany Darwell

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