Cats The Good, The Sad and the Changeable

Found Animals The Pet Overpopulation Challenge

Cats! The Good, The Sad and the Changeable.

It is no secret that there is an overpopulation problem  for cats and dogs. In fact, the numbers are staggering when you stop and analyze them. Found Animals Foundation recently developed The Pet Overpopulation Challenge infographic that you see above.

The Good!

It probably comes as no surprise to you, my fellow feline friends, that cats are #1!  There are  93 million cat owners and  77 million dog owners. So that means that  55% of all pet owners are living with cats!  And, 56% of those cat owners are sharing their habitats with more than one cat!  It is super terrific that so many cats are enjoying the good life in forever homes. Our prestige is being noticed by marketers too as there are many new feline fabulous products becoming available on the market.  The pet parent’s love for their pets helped The Pet Industry remain strong over the last few years even when other parts of the economy were taking a bit of a nap.  This is good for those cats in loving homes but what about our homeless cousins?   We cats rule but we must take this responsibility serious.  We can’t just play fetch and chomp bones all day. No offense to my dog friends.

We fastidious felines must do our part to help others in need.

The Sad!

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