LIFEFORM3D The Tiniest Tiger Thanksgiving Giveaway

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageSuper Hurrah to Trish Ann B!  Trish is the winner of The Tiniest Tiger Thanksgiving Giveaway of the LIFEFORM3D photo.

As we approach Thanksgiving Week, I wanted to offer you  something super special as a way to say LIFEFORM3D Cat PhotoThank you for being my friend. When Stacy from PetsWeekly introduced me to Travis Mahoney  from LIFEFORM3D, I thought Travis’s patented hand made photosculpted images were the perfect Thanksgiving Giveaway for The Tiniest Tiger community.  Your  cat photo is a treasured memory just like I treasure your friendship.

I was able to have a chat with Travis on the telephone yesterday and not only is he talented, he is also super nice and he shares our love of all animals big and small. Travis told me he has a LIFEFORM 3D Leopard photo in the living room of his habitat. (I think I might need to ask my parents for a tiger for my office.)

Travis developed, patented and is the founder  of LIFEFORM3D.  The PhotoSculpt technology is super special bringing your favorite cat photo into a new dimension.

I think Travis conveys the message best in his own words in this video:

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The Tiniest Tiger’s Gotta-Read 7 Blog Links:Paying it Forward: Tripbase Blog Post Project

I was tagged by our friend Carol Bryant of Fido Friendly to be a part of The 7 Links, Tripbase Blog Post Project. I was honored to be tagged by Carol to share 7 links from our Conservation Cub Club blog.  This took me some time to decide which posts to choose for each of the categories.  I hope you like the posts I have chosen.

At the bottom are 5 blogs I have tagged to take the torch and run with their 7 best links.  Thank you for reading The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club.


Lion Guardians Give Each Lion a Maasai Name

Lions from the Lion Guardians ProjectIt was super tough for me to choose, but I chose this post with all the African Male Lions as the Most Beautiful. Our  wild lions are in trouble and the Lion Guardian Project is showing great promise for the conservation of the big cat. One of my favorite things about the project is the naming of each lion. The naming and telling of stories about each lion emphasizes the individuality of each cat. It is also much easier to forgive the lion for preying on livestock when you know the name and unique traits. I asked  the readers to tell me which lion caught their eye and why. They are all handsome, don’t you agree?

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