The Tiniest Tiger is a Finalist in The Friskies 2013

The Tiniest Tiger’s Snow Adventure is a Finalist in The Friskies!

A Thousand Thanks is not enough to tell you how much we appreciate your support and perseverance voting for The Tiniest Tiger’s Snow Adventure in The Friskies, 2013.  We are so happy to tell you that with your help our video moved on from the Semi-finals to the Finals in the CatVenture category.  We hope you will join us and watch The Friskies live from New York City on October 15, 2013 at 7pm ET.

The Tiniest Tiger’s Snow Adventure

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Keeping Your Home Cat and Human Friendly

Cat and Human Friendly Spaces

I am willing to bet that your home is like ours. I bet your little ones influence the items you choose for your living space.  Gracey on top of Cat Power TowerSometimes Paul and I wonder how a little seven pound cat took over our home, but the truth is, we adore Gracey, as you might have already guessed. If we are not vigilant, Gracey’s items begin to take over our living space.

When we moved a few years ago,  we made sure that our new space would be cat friendly. This took some planning and we endured some interesting looks from the contractors. We were even told that he wanted to be the cat that lived in our home. You will find helpful suggestions for moving to and exploring a new neighborhood with your pet, whether you are living, looking or moving, Apartment Guide will point you in the right direction.

Thankfully there are many great choices in furnishing to keep both your cat and you happy and living in style. We chose the Cat Power Tower for added vertical space for Gracey to climb and play without sacrificing  style. If you are in need of more help, the folks at Apartment Guide also have lots of tips for bringing a new pet into your apartment and helping them adjust to your home. And if you are looking of a new space to move with your pet, Apartment Guide has the photos, floor plans, features and tips to help you search for the perfect pet-friendly apartment community.

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