Plush Gracey Update!


Friends, look what showed up at my habitat! Prototype Plush Kitten Gracey! The fur color with be a grayish brown like me.   This Plush Kitten looks a lot like I did when I was  an even Tinier Tiger!

Let me know what you think! Thank you everyone.

(P.S. Conservation Cub Club members get a Plush The Tiniest Tiger Gracey Kitten  free with their annual membership! Hurrah!)

Plush Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger!

Gracey - Color Sketch emailWe received the prototype for Plush Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger!   Now we are  waiting for a few changes. There is a little trouble with the tabby markings.  I will post a photo of the plush Gracey  when these changes are complete.  I am so excited. Thank you for your patience.