The Tiniest Tiger’s Ancestor’s First Thanksgiving

We Cats have been co-existing with humans for thousands of years. I use the word co-existing because I think it is a much more accurate description of the feline-human relationship than the word domesticated.  Domesticated is a terrific description for dogs, but not for cats.

Over a relatively short period of time, our ancestors the African wildcats, were able to infiltrate human settlements, by endearing themselves as protectors of the Egyptian grain stores.  Their hunting prowess drew amazement and praise from the Egyptians and our ancestors found themselves invited into the inner circle where they were provided shelter and food.  It wasn’t long before our fore-cats were exalted to deity status.

This Thanksgiving, I started thinking about my ancestors. With Bad Kitty’s help, I was able to stalk and pounce on a few tidbits of information about my family. Here is what we found


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