The Tiniest Tiger’s Safe Cat Training Collar

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Tiger Collar

Friends,  I am in training.  The first part of my mission is to adjust to wearing my new Safe Cat® Collar.  As you know, I am an indoor only cat and that is best for me.  I don’t even try to go outside, because my habitat keeps me healthy, loved and entertained. So I am not used to wearing a collar.

This Safe Cat collar is very comfortable and the buckle  is equipped to release in case I get caught on anything, allowing me to slip fee.  This is the most important feature of a cat collar in my opinion.  The Safe Cat collar is also adjustable from 8″-12″ and that should suit most cats. I will be needing a little extra room around the collar for my mission. I asked my dad to remove the bell because I didn’t like the tinkling noise in my ear.  After the bell was removed, I even forgot I was wearing the collar. These collars come in a variety of cheerful colors and patterns.  I kind of liked the  Daisy Blue and the Checkered Green (would match my eyes) but I settled on my favorite the Tiger! How do I look?

Another View of my Safe Cat Tiger Collar

Now that I have passed my first test, I am awaiting instructions from Prince, my Parisian Cousin. What mission are you on today?

This post is my own opinion about the Safe Cat Collar and was not sponsored by Coastal Pet.