Teddy’s Pride Oral Care for Cats!

Congratulations Janell Markey!  You are the winner of the Teddy’s Pride Oral Care for Cat!  You are now a Triple T Reporter too!

I must admit that my breath is not the best.  I can tell that I have Cat bad breath by the look on my parents’ faces when I let out a big yawn close to their noses.  My mom brushes my teeth and I get regular tooth inspections but I admit my teeth and breath could use some help.

A few weeks ago, we started discussing oral care  options for Cats on our The Tiniest Tiger facebook page. Many of us were wondering what was a safe and natural product to use to help improve a cat’s oral health. Then at the Global Pet Expo, we met the nice people from Teddy’s Pride. and they talked to us about their interesting product.

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