Night Falls on The Tiniest Tiger’s Sun Room

It was a long cold winter here at my habitat.  Long gray days, cold temperatures and snow, snow, snow.  Spring arrived late even though the calendar clearly stated that the Spring Equinox was on Wednesday, March 20.  In fact, Spring was so tardy in our area that our poor friend Punxsutawny Phil was at risk to be sued for his false prediction

Gracey sitting in front of closed door copy

How I spend some of my winter days

that Spring would arrive six weeks after he saw his shadow. An Ohio prosecutor suffering from cabin fever  filed a  criminal indictment against the famous Pennsylvania groundhog over his “prediction” of an early spring but dropped the charge admitting that Punxsutawney Phil had a “defense with teeth in it” .

Winter gets tiresome for me too at my habitat, because my dad is overprotective of the sun room during the off season.  He is so protective he locks up the doors and refuses to let me out when the temperature dips too far below freezing.  This is super upsetting because  the sun room, is not only MY room, but it is my favorite room in my house.

This is where I spend time with Lazy Leopard and we visit with Bossy Backyard Blue Jay, the Maple Tree  Squirrel, and many other wild friends.  Sometimes I sit in front of the closed sun room doors and try with all my might to get my dad to open the doors.  My dad is super stubborn though, he really is.  Once he gets it in his head that it is too cold for me to be out in the sun room, there is nothing I can do.

Sometimes, when my mom and I are home alone, I get to sneak out into the sun room and nap in my heated thinking circle until my dad comes home and catches us in the act!

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Cat and Leopard Don’t See Shadow. Ready for Spring

Cat and Leopard Don’t See Shadow.  Ready for Spring!

It is Groundhog Day!

Earlier this morning Lazy Leopard and I had a chat with Punxsutawney Phil and he told us that  at 7:25 a.m. this very morning he did in fact see his own shadow and that means there will be 6 more weeks of winter.

If Phil ‘s forecast is correct, it would mean that the unseasonably mild weather  we have been experiencing would be coming to an end and the cold, snow and dark days of winter will be stopping by for a nice long visit.

As you can see in the image of Punxsutawney Phil below,  he looks quite serious about his prediction.

Punxsutawney Phil

Punxsutawney Phil Image from (

Lazy Leopard and I are willing to admit  we are not experienced shadow-seers like Phil, but we thought we would ask for a second opinion.  So, we checked in with Charles G. Hogg, better known as State Island Chuck, from the Staten Island Zoo.

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Groundhog Sees No Shadow!

Friends, Bossy Backyard Blue Jay is just back with exciting news.

The Groundhog does not plan to see his shadow!

Does this mean early Spring?

I tried to reach Punxsutawney Phil but he was already hard at work in his burrow.

Map courtesy of Digging Down