Cat Proofing Your Computer

SurDoc enables cat paws to pounce about the keyboard stress free.

Our parents love us and we must admit they have our best interests at heart. And if we are honest, we cats sometimes prance, poke and pounce at times that are inconvenient for our parents and our computers. Our enthusiasm for the internet comes at a price when we accidentally press random keys at an inopportune time.

Our friend Romeo the cat reminded me that it is super important to have a backup system in place for all of your photos, stories and contacts. Imagine how super sad your entire family would be if you lost all of your memories that you have stored on your computer. As we know a slip of the paw can cause problems and stress on our parents which in turn stresses us.

So, is offering a free 30 GB of storage using the coupon code CATPROOF. is an online service that will bring peace of mind and restore harmony in your habitat. You will feel free to pounce about the keyboard and your parent will not have that super spooky wide eyed open mouthed expression on their face as they begin to say Noooooo because SurDoc will have your information safe and secure.  ~shiver~ Just thinking about that face makes me nervous.

Here are a few tips on cat proofing your computer

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National Hairball Awareness Day!

Today is National Hairball Awareness Day!

The FURminator and Romeo the Cat are  here to help us Cats say

Hasta la vista to Hairballs!

FURminator tool

FURminator Short Hair Small Cat deShedding Tool

Many of you know that I am not fond of being brushed.  I know, I know, you have told me now Gracey, my kitty just loves being brushed and that they will just let you brush and brush and brush.  Well until my mom started using the FURminator Short Hair Small Cat deShedding Tool, I rated brushing right up there with ear cleaning and nail trimming. ~shiver~

Then our Friend Romeo the Cat suggested that we try  the FURminator. When it arrived at our habitat , I knew it was for me as soon as it came out of the box because it was a pretty pink color and my mom said oh, Gracey look what came in the mail like I should be excited too. But then the strangest thing happened. My mom started brushing me and it actually felt good.  Honest it did. I even stretched out long so that she could brush me all down my sides.

Even though I am a domestic short hair, you should have seen the fur coming off of me.  And the more that came off the better I started to feel too.  I even let my mom brush my chest and belly! Romeo was right about the FURminator and he has a lot more fur than me so he knows what he is talking about!

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