2nd Grade Students Chat About Favorite Animals

Imagine if Every Person Kept That Love of Animals Their Entire Life

St. Rose Students

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The Tiniest Tiger or Little Library Lion?

Friends, I have had a busy day getting ready for Monday.

October 4, is one of my favorite days.

It is the day we honor St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

This year, I thought about how I would honor  my hero St. Francis and I decided that I would become a Library Lion.

I asked my mom to order a few of my favorite books about our big cat cousins, so that I could donate  them to St. Rose School’s library.  Our school is small but mighty like me.  I want the children to learn a little more about all cats, both big and small.

The librarian told me she has a special place already waiting for the  cat books.  Isn’t that super exciting?  And she even asked for my photo reading to inspire the children. She thinks if the children see me reading, that they will want to read more too.

Here I am looking over my book selections for the school.

And here is my photo that will be framed and hung in the library.

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger Reading about Big Cats

Here is a photo of  the St. Rose School Library

And hear is a photo of the school librarian and students with the wildlife books donated in honor of St. Francis of Assisi.

I am honored to be a Library Lion!  Can you hear me roar?