The Adventures of Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger at Denver Elementary

The Tiniest Tiger Talks at Science and Literacy Night

Gracey talking about The Tiniest Tiger at Denver Elementary

Here I am talking to my friends at Denver Elementary

I had so much fun and met so many new friends last week when I visited  Denver Elementary during their first Science and Literacy Family Fun Night!  The school planned this great event so that families could see that science and reading are not only important but can be fun too!  There were many activities during the event, children and their parents made recycling boxes, learned about water pollution, made alphabet books and got to eat Ants on a Log!

Ants on a log

Ants on a Log: Celery with Cream Cheese and Raisins.

And my mom and I got to listen to all the great Adventures of Gracey stories the children wrote after reading our book The Tiniest Tiger.  Each classroom had The Tiniest Tiger book read to them and then first grade teacher Mrs. Randolph  made little flat Graceys for the students to use as inspiration for their very own Adventures of Gracey stories.

I was thrilled to hear all of these great stories.  Some of the students wrote stories about me when I was very good and some of the students wrote stories about me when I was very bad, or as one student said, “Gracey made bad bad and bad choices!” We wanted to share with you a few of the Adventures of Gracey stories, because we thought you would love them as much as we do.

Good Gracey Stories!

First, I am sharing with you the adventure stories where I am good.  This first story was written by my friend Gracie. She did a great job capturing my true nature too because  I think recess would be my favorite subject after science.

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