Weruva Makes Family Meal Time Special for Cats #WeruvaPet

Weruva Funky chunky Chicken

Chicken Soup with Pumpkin

A hearty chicken soup with boneless, skinless, white breast chicken and lots of chunk for a mouthful!

Exploding with carrots and peas enough to satisfy every hungry tummy! 

Our chickens are raised cage free and free from added antibiotics and hormones

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Keep Calm and Treat Your Cat! #PawNatural Review

Eddie looks at ONP Treats

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What if Cats Went to Culinary School? #WeruvaPets

Eddie Weruva Cats in the Kitchen

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Rachael Ray Launches Nutrish for Cats

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Hill’s Ideal Balance Cat Food Created From Consumer Input

Ideal Balance Commercial Image

This is a sponsored post; we have been compensated by Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

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Hill’s®  Ideal Balance™ natural cat food provides balanced nutrition

Most of my working life has been in the product development and marketing of food for humans.  And as I am sure you are aware, when you walk into a traditional grocery store you are hit with a multitude of products, everything from items with ingredient labels that look like they might have been created in a lab to the products with clean labels; meaning they are produced with natural ingredients.  In fact, there are so many products in a larger format grocery store, a new product only has about 3 seconds to grab the attention of  the consumer.

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Which Protein is Best for your Cat? Ask an Iams Expert Here!

What protein is best for your cat

Do you wonder what protein is best for your cat?

Food trends come and go. Many humans like to mix up their diets by trying a variety of  foods and flavors.  My mom is a foodie. She has developed award winning specialty food products  and even now that she is a zoologist  she still likes to  learn about interesting new ingredients  and innovative foods.  Just ask my dad, you probably never want to go to the grocery store with her.  She really likes to  stalk the shelves for what’s new.  But we cats, well we aren’t concerned with pink himalayan sea salt or agnolotti with celery-root puree. We just want protein.

Cats are obligate carnivores and we need to eat protein that contains 10 specific amino acids that we can’t make on our own. These essential amino acids are known as the building blocks for important biologically active compounds and proteins. If we become deficient even of just one essential amino acid, it can lead to serious health problems. Your cat’s menu should be made up almost entirely of protein sources from meat.  This is why we cats are always on the prowl for the amino acids in protein.

Do you have questions about cat food ingredients?

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Save $10 on Hill’s Science Diet at PetSmart Memorial Weekend

Get $5.00 off with Hill’s Science Diet Coupon and an additional $5.00 off at PetSmart Sale!

Lori from Hill’s Pet Nutrition let me know that they have a special coupon for $5.00 off any bag of Science Diet® dry pet food this Memorial Day weekend. What makes this an even better deal is that PetSmart is running a special for $5.00 off the original price of Science Diet cat food and $2.00 off the original price of Science Diet dog food.  And, these two specials can be combined for a $10 savings.

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Fancy Feast Introduces New Entree and Free Samples Too!

Fancy Feat Taste Makers

Inspired Entree Giveaway on Facebook

Friends, here is your chance to be a cutting edge cat! You can be among the first finicky felines  to try the newest Fancy Feast® Elegant Medleys™ entree, Yellowfin Tuna & Shrimp with Wild Rice in Gravy! This delightful dish won’t be available in stores for months but if you are quick to pounce, your cat won’t need to wait!

About the New Entree

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Hill’s Ideal Balance Grain Free & Natural Cat Food Giveaway

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageCongratulations and Super Hurrah to our Winners! Marcia Ann, Katie Lynn, Terra, Susan, Joyce, BJ, Monica, Eric and Alison.
The tiniest Tiger and Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance

New from Hill’s® Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Grain Free & Natural  food for cats and dogs.

The newest food options for your cat and dog will not be available until after the New Year, but  the folks at Hill’s Pet Nutrition wanted to give members of The Tiniest Tiger community a  chance to try  the new Ideal Balance™ dinners!

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Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Feline Low Allergen

The chow I chomp is Hill’s Prescription Diet®, z/d® Feline Low Allergen formula.

I began eating z/d  because I used to break out in hives and lose my fur.  After some testing, it was determined that I was allergic to some of the protein in my food. Here is why this prescribed chow helped me.

The Hill’s Prescription Diet® z/d® is formulated with:

  • Hill’s Hydrolyzed Protein System™, a highly digestible protein that minimizes the chance of an allergic reaction to food.
  • A single highly digestible carbohydrate source to help avoid common food allergies
  • Highly digestible carbohydrates and fats to help reduce gastrointestinal workload
  • Increased omega 3 and 6 Fatty acids to help nourish my skin.
  • And added antioxidants to help maintain a healthy immune system and skin barrier function.

Food allergy and intolerance can be quite serious resulting  in sensitive or irritated skin, like in my case, or coat and ear conditions or even gastrointestinal upset. When a  cat has a food allergy or intolerance, also called adverse reactions to food, the cat   typically experiences an abnormal response to the protein in  food.  If your cat suffers from adverse reactions to food, it is super  important to feed the right food.

At Hill’s, nutritionists and veterinarians have developed clinical nutrition especially formulated to help manage your cat’s dietary sensitivity and help reduce the possibility of adverse reactions to food.

It is also important to follow the guidelines for feeding.

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