Can You Crack The Tiniest Tiger’s DaGracey Code

Friends!  The mood music is working now!  Hurrah!!!!  Updated by me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger.  Don’t forget to crack the DaGracey code for a chance to win a prize!

Friends, I had picked out some really great spy music, but I could not get it to work. ~sigh~

I wanted to get keep our 1st Anniversary Celebration rolling. So maybe you can hum the Mission Impossible theme tune while watching.

I have placed three secret codes in The Tiniest Tiger’s DaGracey Code that I filmed with my Eyenimal camera. You will have to watch closely to find the codes. Once you find the codes, you will be able to complete this sentence:

When I  have my__________ and I can  ____________, I feel like singing ______________.

When you think you have cracked the code, post your answer below in the comments. We will choose a winner from the correct answers with Random Number.

Oh and the prize is a mystery too.  But I think you will like it!  Good Luck Everyone.