Vote for The Tiniest Tiger’s Snow Adventure in The Friskies

Vote for The Tiniest Tiger’s Snow Adventure in The Friskies

Gracey with Friskies Statue


Voting is open now  and our video The Tiniest Tiger’s Snow Adventure is a Semi-Finalist!  From the thousands of cat videos entered this year, Friskies and the contest judges selected 20 Semi-Finalists to compete for a spot as one of 12 Finalists. The top four Category winners and one Fan Favorite winner will be awarded $25,000 in total cash prizes and gold-plated Catuette trophies at “The Friskies” Award Show October 15, 2013. The show will be hosted by comedian and cat owner Michael Ian Black, and broadcast online at

“In America, the vote is always in the hands of the people,” said comedian, cat owner and “The Friskies” host Michael Ian Black. “Take advantage of that right and vote for your favorite Internet cat videos at! It’s time to give back to those cats and their owners who create the videos that get you through work, public transportation and family parties. It just may be the most important thing you do. And you should do it every day.”

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The Tiniest Tiger’s Dad Sings Soft Kitty

The other day my dad was watching The Big Bang Theory on  television and I heard the character Penny singing the “Soft Kitty” song.  I was pretty sure that she was singing to me, because she even said the word “sweety” which is one of the many terms of endearment my parents call me.

I listened closely and even kept time with my tail. Then my dad joined in and sang the “Soft Kitty” song to me. That made me feel all warm and fuzzy and sleepy too.

I hope you like my video.


Thank you for watching.

How We Created The Tiniest Tiger Hipster

I created this short video of how we created The Tiniest Tiger Hipster.

I hope you like the story.


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My Backyard Deer Friend

Earlier today, I was playing on my Cat Power Tower in my Sunroom when one of my Deer friends came by to visit. This is what happened.


I was so happy!

Please Care for all animals big and small!

Cat Artist’s Interpretation of an Amur Tiger

Today, I needed to unleash some of my pent up energy after soaking up a lot of sunshine on my Cat Power Tower. I decided to spend a little time on my iPad.  I started off playing Chase the Butterfly but soon grew tired. I thought  I would rather use some of my creative energy painting.   Here is a brief video of my creative process.


As you saw in the video, I began to imagine a beautiful and mighty Amur Tiger  walking through a Korean Pine Forest of the Russian Far East. My creative energy took over and before I knew it, I had created, if I do say so myself,  an accurate portrayal of the  of the light, colors and imagery of a Tiger in the Taiga.

Here is my inspiration:

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Lily, Lovely to Look, Bad to Chomp

Easter Lilies toxic for Cats

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Hunger Strikes by Triple T Studios

Hunger Strikes by Triple T Studios, a collaboration from the minds of  Lazy Leopard, Bossy Backyard Blue Jay, and me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger was made under the supervision and sometimes exasperation of Bad Kitty. It is not an easy task to keep Lazy Leopard and Bossy Backyard Blue Jay in line.

Our film documents the duress that a cat feels while waiting for its favorite meal.  Now you might think that because there is chow in the bowl, that the cat’s chow comping needs are met.  But don’t forget, we like to have a back up snack.  And if the chow in our bowl is our back up snack, and we begin to chomp that chow, then we start to feel the stress that this could be the onset of  ~shiver~ empty bowl syndrome!

We at Triple T Studios think this demonstrates how  The Tiniest Tiger lets her parents know it is time for supper.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on our Iams Premium Protection Senior Cat for PurrEver. The generous people at Iams are donating 1 Meal of Premium Protection Senior Cat Food to our cousins at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary for every comment that you post telling us “How does your cat let you know it is time for supper?”

Without further adieu, here is our film, Hunger Strikes.


Save Our Big Cat Cousins

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Bring March in for the Lions

This morning I was  a cat in a little bit of trouble when I threw a hissing fit about getting my blood glucose tested. Most days I just take getting my ear pricked in stride, but there are those days, and today was one of them, that I just didn’t feel like being tested.  I admit that I behaved badly.  To make matters worse, today it is raining and it is supposed to keep raining all day.

I needed a project to keep me busy and out of trouble.  So Bad Kitty and I watched  The Last Lions film again.  Did you know that if you watch The Last Lions trailer on You Tube that National Geographic will contribute $.10 for each viewing up to one million views?  Here is the trailer.


I loved this film for many reasons.  To read my review of The Last Lions, click here.

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Can You Crack The Tiniest Tiger’s DaGracey Code

Friends!  The mood music is working now!  Hurrah!!!!  Updated by me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger.  Don’t forget to crack the DaGracey code for a chance to win a prize!

Friends, I had picked out some really great spy music, but I could not get it to work. ~sigh~

I wanted to get keep our 1st Anniversary Celebration rolling. So maybe you can hum the Mission Impossible theme tune while watching.

I have placed three secret codes in The Tiniest Tiger’s DaGracey Code that I filmed with my Eyenimal camera. You will have to watch closely to find the codes. Once you find the codes, you will be able to complete this sentence:

When I  have my__________ and I can  ____________, I feel like singing ______________.

When you think you have cracked the code, post your answer below in the comments. We will choose a winner from the correct answers with Random Number.

Oh and the prize is a mystery too.  But I think you will like it!  Good Luck Everyone.



TTT Friends in US Get Free Shipping from Prince!

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series The French Prince of Paris! The Eyenimal Experience

The Eyenimal Videocam

Friends, exciting news!

The French Prince is offering free shipping to the US when you purchase the Eyenimal Videocam!  That is a savings of nearly $33.00 US. (Depending on the exchange rate of course)   When you order your Eyenimal Videocam, you will type in Gracey’s Friend.  That is your code to let Prince know that you are The Tiniest Tiger’s Friend and then he will deduct your shipping.  Isn’t that super?

Hurrah for Prince!!  Even though he is a French Television star and soon to be featured in a major magazine, he is still down to earth!

Prince also said that with the fluctuations between the US dollar and the Euro, that now is a good time to buy the Eyenimal Videocam. (It is about 30% less to buy the now than 3 months ago.)

Who is thinking about getting the Eyenimal Videocam?