First Video of Snow Leopard Mother and Cubs in Dens

The Snow Leopard is Asia’s Mountain Ghost

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard’s secretive and elusive nature  combined with the precarious and remote landscape they inhabit have made conservation data collection efforts  difficult and even less is known about  snow leopard cubs survival in the wild. The cat is so evasive it has been given the name “Asia’s Mountain Ghost” by the natives of Mongolia’s Tost Mountains.

Up until now, snow leopard breeding studies were conducted on individuals in a captive zoo environment. Captive snow leopard litters typically consist of one to three cubs but no information is available about litter size in the wild. Wild snow leopard cubs are exposed to not only natural predators and disease but also human threats such as poaching and the illegal wildlife market. The wild snow leopard’s chance of survival to adulthood has only been speculated.

Unprecedented Footage of Snow Leopard Mother and Cubs

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