Cat Corridors are Important for Big and Small Cats

Annie looking into Agility tunnel

Annie checks to see if her path is clear through her agility tunnel.

Now that we are a multi-cat household, it is important to make sure each cat has their own space and pathways around the house.  Annie, Eddie and Mercy all get along but they still need alone time.  The creation of routes or corridors for your cats will help them feel more at ease in the home.  If your cats are spatting  you might check to see if you can create a more cat-friendly home to ease the tension.

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Trying to Save Birds Our Message to Gracey after 3 Weeks

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It’s been over three weeks, actually two days and three weeks.  Our friends Robin and Adam sent us a photo canvas of you.  It is one of our favorite photos of you wearing your Disney Princess sunglasses.  We placed the canvas on the mantle. Now when we see the photo, your dad and I  smile.

Princess Gracey CanvasI didn’t have a headache when I woke up this morning.  I decided  it was time to make the effort to drink more water and  take better care of ourselves.  Although,  I don’t know if your dad is ready to cut down on his chocolate cake consumption because I saw him try to sneak a back up cake into the house yesterday because there wasn’t much left of his other cake and this made me laugh.

Yesterday your dad carefully placed translucent ultraviolet decals in the shape of hummingbirds and butterflies on the windows surrounding your sun room. Lately we have been hearing birds crashing into the windows and it breaks our hearts.  We don’t remember this happening and are wondering if you keeping watch kept the birds from flying super close to the windows.  The decals will act like a stop sign for the birds. They will see the blue shape and veer off in time.  So your dad made sure to not only place the decals on the sun room windows but on all windows, just to be safe.  The decals are barely visible to us but the birds can seem them clearly.

Just when your dad got the ladder out to apply the decals, a grackle collided with a window on the sun room and we found the poor thing stunned and lying on his back in the grass.  He was breathing and able to move his head.  He was disoriented and terrified. When birds fly into windows, they can be temporarily incapacitated due to swelling of the brain.  So I watched him and he carefully turned over and was able to look around and move his wings.

Waiting, watching and hoping.  This reminded me of  your dad and I waiting, watching and hoping you would be alright.

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Bossy Backyard Blue Jay in Winter

Bossy Backyard Blue Jay

Members of our community are familiar with my buddy Bossy Backyard Blue Jay, but if you just joined us, I will give you a little background  information.  Bossy Backyard Blue Jay lives in my backyard and he gets his name from, well, let’s just say his name suits him.  He talks a lot and he thinks he is the ruler of the backyard.  Sometimes he dive bombs my dad when I send him out to fill the bird feeders around our house.  I shouldn’t laugh, but sometimes I can’t help myself.  Bossy doesn’t bother my mom, in fact he sits on a branch and chats with her.  My mom and I think it is my dad’s red hair that gets Bossy riled up.  Maybe he thinks my dad is a cardinal or a red headed woodpecker, we just don’t know.

Winter can be super cold and snowy here in Ohio so we try to make sure the birds that share our outdoor habitat have some nice food, suet and a heated water source to keep their water from freezing.  Earlier today, Bossy Backyard Blue Jay was squawking up a storm. I had just settled into my heated thinking circle for some Sunday afternoon meditation when he came knocking on the window.

Blue Jay on Maple tree

Easy there buddy! Peanuts are on the way.

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