3 Reasons to Love and Celebrate Snakes!

The Year of the Snake!

Year of the Snake 2013 image

As the Lunar New Year begins, billions of humans are celebrating the year of the snake.  But, if you ask your friends and family members,  chances are they might shiver and declare their disgust and sometimes hatred of snakes.  It is important to remember that most snakes are not venomous. And that snakes do not seek out humans preferring to coexist from a distance just like you might prefer to keep your distance from them. Most snakes will bite only in self-defense so don’t mess with them and they won’t mess with you.  Most humans in fact, do not interact or even see a living snake in their day to day lives so why  the fear and loathing of snakes?

If you are afraid of  snakes, don’t be ashamed, you might not be able to help it due to your evolutionary history. Humans that learned quickly to respect and keep their distance from snakes were more likely to survive and pass on their genes. Anthropologists think survival skills to notice snakes in the wild may have led early primates to develop better vision and larger brains. Today however, most humans do not need to be on full alert and fearful of snakes to make it through their day.  So as we start 2013, the Year of the Snake, let’s find at least 3 reasons to love and celebrate snakes.

3 Reasons to Love and Celebrate Snakes!

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The Tiniest Tiger Leaps Like a Rabbit

Friends, it is the YEAR OF THE RABBIT in the Chinese Zodiac!

I started to think about Rabbits while here in the office working with my mom. Rabbits are great jumpers and as you might already know, I love to leap!

When my  feline diabetes returned, my back legs were a bit weak so my jumping abilities were limited.  I tried and failed at many attempts to imitate Super Cat.

But now, I am feeling like myself again and I think maybe I can leap from this desk, over my mom’s shoulder onto her desk.

Yes, I think I can. Wish me luck.  Here I go…..

All I can say is I MADE IT!  I REALLY DID!

My Mom did not share my enthusiasm at first.   I scared her when I skidded across the desk and landed between the keyboard and the monitor.  She didn’t know  I was coming.

She told me it might be a good idea for me to keep Lazy Leopard company for the rest of the morning.   My heated thinking circle is snuggly warm, I have to admit.