Dogs Smarter Than Cats Study Claims Flawed Part 1

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Dogs more Intelligent than Cats?

Dogs and cats were evaluated in eleven categories in an attempt to determine which species is more intelligent.  I know, this is like trying to determine which is of greater value, a piece of limestone gravel or an emerald but try to control any hissing and fat tails.  The  New Scientist article’s shocking research results show a clear bias towards dogs  with the canines awarded 6 points and the felines a meager 5.

Research Study Demonstrates Clear Bias Towards Dogs

Dogs celebrating  the declaration that they are smarter than cats came a wee bit early in our opinion. And just like dancing in the end zone, this  display of excessive celebration usually results in a penalty. So, The Lazy Leopard Research Institute is about to blow the whistle and place a flag on the play.

While our canine compadres celebrated by fetching toys, speaking on demand,  and toasting with toilet water cocktails, their fellow felines were hard at work analyzing the data. Here is what the superior minds at The Lazy Leopard Research Institute* found out.


The average dog brain weighs in at 64 grams and the average domestic cat’s brain weighs 25 grams. This stands to reason as dogs on average are much heavier than the typical house cat.  What is more important than simply brain size, not a reliable measure of intelligence, is to take a look at the brains information processing capacity: the number of neurons in the cortex, known as the executive brain. Cats clearly rule with 300 million neurons compared with a mere 160 million in dogs.  We have created a chart to rub it in, we mean to make it easier to compare.

Neurons in the cortex of dogs and cats

Human Study Winner: Cats-1  Dogs-0     The Lazy Leopard Research Institute Score: Cats-1+  Dogs 0-

At this point, do we need to even go on?  We cats are not ones to kick a dog when it is down but in the interest of science we must follow through.

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