The Life and Legacy of Panthera Founder, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz

NGM / BBC Bhutan Tigers

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Tigers on Top of the World

There are tigers living on top of the world and this is terrific news.  Wild tiger populations are dwindling and there

"Spirit of the Himalayas" from the book Eye of the Tiger

This image is courtesy of "Spirit of the Himalayas" from the book Eye of the Tiger

has not been much good news to report about any of the remaining 5 subspecies of tigers that share our world, but recently a “lost” population of tigers has been filmed living at a higher altitude in the Himalayas than was previously thought that tigers could survive.

Tigers have been known to live in the Himalayan foothills of Bhutan, but when Bhutanese villagers reported that tigers were living as high as 13,000 ft (4000 m), Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, the President of Panthera,  decided to  investigate.   Dr. Rabinowitz, along with BBC Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan travelled to Bhutan in search of the mountain tigers.  After treking up the mountain, Buchanan set up a series of camera traps that would capture any animal that passed by.  The Panthera team left camera traps as high as 4100 meters, a level where trees begin to struggle for survival.

Three months later, Gordon returned to his camera traps to see what animals had passed by. Incredibly, the cameras shot footage of two wild tigers, one male and one female.  These images are the first known footage of tigers in the remote mountains of Bhutan and the first concrete evidence that tigers are capable of living at that altitude. This is the only place on earth known to have tigers, leopards and snow leopards all sharing the same valley.

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