Drinkwell Original Fountain Review and Giveaway

House cats benefit by drinking more water, and even more so if they are eating a dry kibble diet. All cats need water and even though you might hear people say  their cat never drinks water, we know this is not true and all cats need water.  Even wild big cats intake water when eating their prey but they also seek out watering holes.  You can help out your cats by setting up a watering hole for them in your own habitat.

Gracey drinking water from fountain

Gracey loved her Drinkwell Fountain

Gracey loved her Drinkwell Fountain

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Valentine’s Pet Bundle of Love Giveaway!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageSuper Hurrah and Congratulations to

Nancy Foulke, winner of the Cat Valentine’s Pet Bundle of Love and

Jeanne Owens, winner of the Dog Valentine’s Pet Bundle of Love!

Thank you to everyone for participating and for being a member of The Tiniest Tiger community.

Our friends at Hill’s have put together two Valentine’s Day gift baskets for readers of The Tiniest Tiger. And in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we are spreading the love because there is one for dog lovers and one for cat lovers. Super Hurrah!

Hill's Valentine  Giveaway

Here is a listing of the contents:
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The Tiniest Tiger’s Drinking Water Crisis

Gracey drinking from water fountainFriends, my day started off a little rough.  There was an issue with my drinking water. Sometime in the middle of the night, my primary water source became tainted.  And no, not with fig tree dirt from my paws either. It was The Tiniest Tiger’s  Drinking Water Crisis.  My drinking water was not clean and fresh and I didn’t think it was safe.  This was serious!!

On my usual habitat surveillance around about 3:03  am, I was stunned and seriously frightened by what I discovered in my fountain.  After I jumped back in terror, I bolted to my secondary water supply located beside my chow bowl.

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The Tiniest Tiger’s Winky Wion Toy! Worth the Wait!

Friends, I understand that my parents have a lot of different things to do to maintain our habitat. And I really do appreciate everything they do to keep me safe and comfortable, but yesterday, I would have appreciated them even more if they would have realized how important it was for them to open the mail for me!

Can you imagine how excited I was when I saw the envelope addressed to me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger from my Friend Winky?  Oh boy, I just couldn’t wait to see my new toys that I won from the auction Tiny Timmy sponsored  to help our Friend Myron Wood.

But I had to wait.  I had to wait all afternoon and into the early evening.  In fact, I had to wait until after the sun room was locked at the 8:00 pm curfew.  I kept trying to tell them  to open the mail, but they would look at my Chow Bowl (Code Green) and then check my Drinkwell Water Fountain which was flowing free and clear, then they would just pet my head or scratch me behind my ears. Sometimes, I don’t understand how they are able to get along in the world when it takes them so long to understand the simplest of things. ~sigh~

My mom decided that maybe I would like a treat. And to be honest, that wasn’t a bad idea.  So she placed a couple of my Hill’s Prescription Diet Hypoallergenic Treats in a Treat Toy. The package says it is a fun toy that dispenses treats. It also says that is is mentally and physically satisfying.

You know what I find mentally and physically satisfying?  When my mom dispenses the treats directly to my mouth!  Now I know there are many of my cousins that like these contraptions. But I don’t understand why we need to complicate the snack process.

See, there are my treats, inside the treat toy. Then they put the toy together and I am supposed to use my paws to knock the treats out of the toy.   I voiced my refusal to participate and collapsed on the floor feeling weak from their lack of understanding that I wanted them to open the mail!

After about 1000 hours,  my mom sees the package from Winky and she says “Oh Gracey, look you got a package from Winky!”  ~Finally~   She opens the package and places not one but two toys on the counter!  TWO!

Winky Wocotpus & Winky Wion

This was so exciting to see a Winky Woctopus and a Winky Wion.  I couldn’t wait to play with my new toys.  My mom gave me the Winky Woctopus first.

It was love at first sniff.  Mom tried to take it back from me and I took a swipe at her. I know I should not have done that, but I had to wait all day to play with my new Winky toys.   My parents laughed when I growled at my dad when he tried to take Winky Woctopus away from me.  He worries too much.  He thought that I might bite off the eyes and choke, but Winky thought of everything and the eyes are sewn on snug as can be.

Winky told me his mom buys special safety eyes-the kind they put in teddy bears and kids toys. …the eyes have a post on them, and they come with these little nuts that you push on, they are like zip ties… once you get them past the first ridge, there is no turning back!!

My mom mentioned saving the Winky Wion because he is so cute and special.  But I snagged it with my back feet.  I am not giving up my Winky Toys.

Thank you Winky and Winky’s Mom for making such great and fun toys!

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger Ahhhh Water!


This is the first video that I have ever made.  I call it Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger Ahhhh Water!  What do you think of my Drinkwell Water Fountain?  I love drinking fresh water, don’t you?