Elusive Leopards Revealed in Behavior Study

Male leopard in South Africa

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Know the Tiger Lessons Help Reduce Human-Cat Conflict

Tiger straight forward

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The Leopard Is More Vulnerable Than Previously Assumed

Lagadema, Eye of the Leopard

Lagadema, Eye of the Leopard photo by Beverly Joubert

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Villagers Fear Leopards More than Terrorists

Leopards are tree dwellers

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Leaping Leopards! Happy Leap Day!

Leaping Leopard Harvey

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Lazy Leopard’s Look Like Me Holiday Giveaway!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image
Super Hurrah and Congratulations to Angela Gebhardt,

the winner of Lazy Leopard’s Look Like Me Giveaway!

Lazy Leopard's Look Like Me Giveaway

Happy Holidays from our habitat to yours.

Lazy Leopard wanted me to deliver his message to you because he is a little shy when it comes to public speaking. You might not know this but the Leopard is one of the most elusive of the big cats. So Lazy Leopard really can’t help himself that he prefers to stay out of the limelight. But he put together a nice giveaway package and he wanted me to include a little message too about his wild cousins.

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