Mountain Lion Hunts Spark Debate in Nebraska

Mountain Lions are Native to Nebraska

Mountain lions are native to Nebraska.  European settlers eradicated the big cats through hunting, poisoning and trapping in the 1800’s and in the 1990’s, over one hundred Annie and Pumayears later, the cats began to come  back into Nebraska  from neighboring states. Today, an estimated 22 lions roam Nebraska, predominately in the northwest.

No One Has Ever Been Killed by a Mountain Lion in the State of Nebraska

In 2012, Senator LeRoy Louden of Ellsworth introduced a bill (LB928) on behalf of Game and Parks to allow hunting seasons to help the commission manage mountain lions.  Louden said in a public hearing, even though no one has ever been killed by a mountain lion in the state,  “ god, heaven forbid that it does happen. I mean, look around you. Which one of you or your neighbors are going to be the ones that have this happen to your family?”

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