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Our Message to Princess Gracey after 5 Weeks

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Our Message to Princess Gracey after 5 Weeks

Gracey Pets in TiarasIt is hard to believe it has been five weeks yet at the same time it seems longer. I looked outside from the sun room and every bird feeder was empty.  Not a morsel.  So I went out into the sunlight loaded down with seed, suet and peanuts and started making the rounds.  By the time I made it to the feeder hanging from a branch on one of the big pine trees, I already began to feel better.  The pine branches have really grown. I had to separate the branches to reach the feeder.  The smell is glorious and the needles on the new growth are soft as they brush past my cheek.  I smile thinking that your dad would be worried I was wearing my sandals and no hat.  I took a deep breath of pine air and  worked my way over to the big maple tree that holds the squirrel feeder and where Bossy Backyard Blue Jay prefers to pick up his peanuts.  I see the chipmunks burrows and carefully walk around the entrance.  Filling the feeder and looking up through the leaves of the maple I realize how important being outside is to me and even if it is only for just a few moments today, it helps.

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