Dogs Smarter Than Cats Study Reviewed Part 3

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The Cats Rule Dogs Drool Evidence

In Part 3 of our review of the New Scientist  article that concluded dogs are smarter than cats we will move on to evaluate the final three categories:  9) Supersenses, 10)Eco-Friendliness and 11) Utility.  In case you are new to our discussion, in Part 1 we reviewed: 1) Brains, 2) Shared History, 3) Bonding, 4)Popularity and 5)Understanding.  In Part 2 we reviewed: 6) Problem Solving, 7) Vocalisation and 8 ) Tractability.  The score:

Human Study Winner: Cats-3  Dogs-5     The  Lazy Leopard Research Institute Score: Cats-5+  Dogs 0

Let’s continue now with category nine.


Does it even seem fair to compare dogs and cats in this category? The very word SUPERSENSES screams cat doesn’t it?  Alas, here is what the humans had to say about the senses.

a) SMELL Even though endless breeds of dogs have been created trying to tweak the canine’s perceptual ability,  the average cat out sniffs the average dog.  With one exception, the bloodhound’s nose contains 300 million smell receptor sites. However the average dog’s olfactory receptors range from 125 -250 million  whereas the average cat has 200 million smell receptors. SMELL GOES TO THE CATS!

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