Cat Watching Birds on the Wires

Eddie Watching Birds on the Wire

Cat Watching Birds on the Wires

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The Most Endangered River in America

Wildlife Wednesday

English: The Colorado River near Nankoweap Cre...

We joined the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop with this short video, The Most Endangered River in America. This video poem highlights  both the beauty and the troubles of this amazing river.  The video is directed and written by Pete McBride Productions.  The images are stunning and the message is important.

The Colorado River runs 1450 miles across seven states and two countries.  This might river supplies water for 36 million people. Even though the river flowed to the sea for 6 million years, the Colorado has not reached the ocean since the late 1990’s.  We hope you will take a few moments to view this important video poem.

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Save Our Big Cat Cousins

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Bring March in for the Lions

This morning I was  a cat in a little bit of trouble when I threw a hissing fit about getting my blood glucose tested. Most days I just take getting my ear pricked in stride, but there are those days, and today was one of them, that I just didn’t feel like being tested.  I admit that I behaved badly.  To make matters worse, today it is raining and it is supposed to keep raining all day.

I needed a project to keep me busy and out of trouble.  So Bad Kitty and I watched  The Last Lions film again.  Did you know that if you watch The Last Lions trailer on You Tube that National Geographic will contribute $.10 for each viewing up to one million views?  Here is the trailer.


I loved this film for many reasons.  To read my review of The Last Lions, click here.

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