The Tiniest Tiger’s Box O’ Bling for Cat Parents Giveaway

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image
Congratulations and Super Hurrah to Becky Hendricks

The Winner of The Tiniest Tiger’s Box O’ Bling!

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger Box o' Bling Giveaway

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Cat Stocking Full of Stuff Giveaway!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageCongratulations and Super Hurrah to Tammy!

The Winner of The Tiniest Tiger’s Cat Stocking Full of Stuff

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Clicker Training Your Pet Parents.

Lately I have been hearing a lot about this clicker training. It seems that if you can get your parent to use a small plastic device that makes a clicking sound when pressed,  you might be able to train your parents to give you a treat. This sounded fascinating to me. My parents seem pretty smart, so I thought I would look into this clicker training.

When I asked Bad Kitty what he knew about clicker training, this is what he told me.

Clicker training is essentially the same as operant conditioning. Operant conditioning, sometimesclicker image called instrumental conditioning, is a method for modifying behavior, an operant, which uses contingencies between a discriminative stimulus, an operant response, and a reinforcer to change the probability of a response occurring again in that situation. This method is based on the behavioral scientist B.F. Skinner’s three-term contingency.

Skinner believed that, in order to experimentally analyze human and cat behavior, each behavioral act can be broken down into three key parts.

These three parts  also known as Skinner’s three-term-contingency are:

  1. Discriminative Stimulus– what influences the occurrence of an operant response.
  2. Operant Response- a behavior that is modifiable by its consequences.  Reinforcement increases the probability of  that behavior occurring again.
  3. Reinforcement- a consequence that follows an operant response that increases the likelihood of that response  occurring in the future.

Whoa! My eyes were starting to glaze over just a bit when Bad Kitty was talking.

When I asked Lazy Leopard what he knew about clicker training, this is what he told me:

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Help The Tiniest Tiger Celebrate The Dog Days of Summer!

The Dog Days of Summer are here and  it has been plenty hot around my habitat too. As you might know, Bad Kitty and I have been cleaning out the office and we have found quite a few items for our Dog Friends.  So, we thought we would Celebrate The Dog Days of Summer by giving away prizes to our Friends that share their habitats with dogs too. Our Friend Carol from Fido Friendly and Stacy from PetsWeekly helped us out because they know a lot about dogs!  Here are the prize packages:

Behind Door Number 1  The Dog Days of Summer Travel Pack.

Dog Days of Summer Travel

Dog Travel Pack!

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Bad Kitty’s Book Bonanza!

Bad Kitty and I were told to clean up the office. I must admit  we had made quite a mess of things lately. While we were cleaning up our toys and vacuuming up my “fur tumbleweeds”,  Bad Kitty put on a bandana and said, “I know how we can make some more room in our office!  We will have a Book Bonanza!”

We will have a Buy One The Tiniest Tiger Paperback

Get One The Tiniest Tiger Coloring & Activity Book FREE!

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Lazy Leopard’s Twitter Trouble

Gracey looking steamed on her scratcher Friends, I have tried to warn Lazy Leopard to be careful what he shares on his twitter account.  Bad Kitty didn’t want him to get his own account just for this very reason.  You see, Lazy Leopard is somewhat ornery.  He likes to have fun and sometimes he just doesn’t think ahead before he acts.

The  laptop computer was left unattended today and it was just enough time for Lazy Leopard to set up  his account and send out his first tweet.  Not only did he send out a tweet, but he attached an image of himself with the tweet. Now this image is out in space and can be viewed by any feline, large or small.

We know that Lazy Leopard was just acting silly, but this photo, with his come hither eyes, his tail curled around him and his paws stretched out might be interpreted as inappropriate for young kittens.

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Hunger Strikes by Triple T Studios

Hunger Strikes by Triple T Studios, a collaboration from the minds of  Lazy Leopard, Bossy Backyard Blue Jay, and me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger was made under the supervision and sometimes exasperation of Bad Kitty. It is not an easy task to keep Lazy Leopard and Bossy Backyard Blue Jay in line.

Our film documents the duress that a cat feels while waiting for its favorite meal.  Now you might think that because there is chow in the bowl, that the cat’s chow comping needs are met.  But don’t forget, we like to have a back up snack.  And if the chow in our bowl is our back up snack, and we begin to chomp that chow, then we start to feel the stress that this could be the onset of  ~shiver~ empty bowl syndrome!

We at Triple T Studios think this demonstrates how  The Tiniest Tiger lets her parents know it is time for supper.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on our Iams Premium Protection Senior Cat for PurrEver. The generous people at Iams are donating 1 Meal of Premium Protection Senior Cat Food to our cousins at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary for every comment that you post telling us “How does your cat let you know it is time for supper?”

Without further adieu, here is our film, Hunger Strikes.

Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest Week 12

Super Hurrah! Congratulations to Kringle and NeeNee for winning the top two spots in Week 12 of the Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest!

CATS RULED ALL 12 WEEKS!  We are the Champions!

Congratulations to all the winners and participants in the 2011 Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest.

John Pollack's Kringle

John Pollack's Kringle

Tina Parkhurst's NeeNee

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Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest Week 11

CATS continue their domination. Will we win Week 12 too?
Super Hurrah and Congratulations to Jody Bulter’s Earl Grey and Lena Stock’s Duke Thomas Peabody for taking the top two places in Week 11 of the Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest.

Jody Butler's Earl Grey

jody Butler's Earl Grey

Lena Stocks' Duke Thomas peabody

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Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest Week 9

Cats Continue To Rule!!

Congratulations to Clover and Sugar Bear for taking the top two spots in Week 9!

Kristen Schumacher's Clover

Kristen Schumacher Clover

Iris Motley's Sugar Bear

Iris Motley's Sugar Bear

Calling all Cats!  Here we go Week 9!

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