Bissell Total Floors Pet Giveaway from Gracey

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageSuper Hurrah and Congratulations to Sherree, the winner of the Bissell Total Floors Pet!

Thank you everyone for participating.

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What’s Your Dirty Little Secret? Confess & Achieve Lift-Off

Tell Bissell Your Carpet Confessions!

You and 5 of your Friends can Win Deep Cleaning Prize Packages!

One Person will be the  $2500 Cash Grand Prize Winner!

Psssst! What’s Your Dirty Little Secret?  You can tell me.  And to make it even easier, I will go first.  When I am a

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger with Bissell

I am equipped and ready to Clean!

little upset with one or both of my parents, I throw my litter out of the pan. And if they have done something that really gets my fur up, like leave me alone too long,  I poo on the bedroom rug.  There, I have said it.  And when I poo on the bedroom rug, it really gets their attention. (Oh and I am still working on cleaning up the aftermath of my unfortunate temper tantrum when I peed in my mom’s suitcase. Stay tuned for my black light test coming soon.) So you see, even me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger can be a little messy.

But what helps keep me out of trouble when I misbehave besides the fact that my parents don’t seem to have any short-term or long-term memory of my rotten actions is that   I have Bissell to help clean up my messes.

And now,  our friends at Bissell are launching another time saving, carpet cleaning, pet mess clean up assistant.

HOUSTON, WE HAVE LIFT-OFF®!  hahahha. I have always wanted to say that…. but seriously…

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When I’m a Little Stinker it’s Bissell to the Rescue!

We cats are super fastidious about being clean.  And I like my water fountain and my  bowls to be pristine. I also like my chow bowl to have plenty of food and my back up water supply to be filled to the rim.  I like my rugs, blankets, thinking circles, chair cushions and pillows to be washed and smelling fresh and nice. When these things are in order I know I will have a great day.

I have two Smart Cat Box litter pans.  One is located in the laundry room, which is across the hall from our office. My other pan is in my Master bathroom which I agree to let my parents share with me, the bathroom, not my Smart Cat Box. I  like my boxes to be super clean too. But when nature calls, and I listen,  my boxes  can get a little smelly.ewww from Bissell Pawsitively Clean Line

Sometimes  when my mom walks by my box she makes a face and she says “ewww”  just like the name of a product from Bissell. So when  I’m a little stinker the  ewww pet stain and odor remover  from the Pawsitively Clean line  helps me clean up!  ewww has powerful enzyme action to tackle those odors and the fast acting deodorizing agents start to work immediately. It is super easy to use and  when my box has been cleaned my mom goes from saying ewww to ahhh!

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Bissell Invites Animal Lovers to Help Homeless Pets Find Homes

Bissell Homecare, Inc, has been a long time supporter of pet adoption, is launching an online fundraising campaign to help homeless pets across the country find loving forever homes. From today through September, for each new fan that registers on Bissell’s Facebook page, the company will donate 50 cents to the Foundation towards its goal of $50,000 in 2011.

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that works with animal shelters and rescues across North America to make sure no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a home. Bissell’s $50,000 gift to the foundation will fund many shelters and rescue groups in need of help.

Research shows that many Americans don’t have pets because of the messes they make. According to Rich Sorota, senior vice president and general manager of global marketing and sales for Bissell, 38% of Americans not sharing their home with a pet would invite a pet in if the home clean-up was easier.

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The Bissell White Sock Test

The Bissell White Sock Test starts today April 18,2011!   Super Hurrah!

You know  I am The Tiniest Tiger, and how I  love to throw dirt out of the plants in our habitat?  Well, sometimes when the plants have just been watered and I leap into the dirt, I can leave a trail of evidence in my path.  Thank goodness for the Bissell SpotBot Pet! The SpotBot Pet  makes it super easy for my mom to clean up my messes.  In fact, the messes I make get cleaned up so fast that I am back in the plants, flinging dirt in no time. And when I have made a super big mess, the  ProHeat 2X is called to duty.  The ProHeat 2X has saved my tail on more than one occasion. This amazingBissell ProHeat 2X machine is super easy to use and even gets up the toughest pet messes. We cats can get pretty messy even though we like to pretend that the dogs to all the dirty work.

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Bissell 2011 MVP Winners Super Hurrah!

Gracey's winning Bissell MVP PhotoFriends, I am super excited! Bissell has announced the Bissell 2011 MVP Winners! Super Hurrah! The pets were chosen by Bissell’s panel of judges from the weekly finalists based on condition of coat, expression and overall appearance.    Each of the winners will appear on a future Bissell product box and their parents will receive a donation to their pet charity of choice, a Bissell pet vacuum or deep cleaner for their home and a shopping spree!  Super Hurrah!

So now I will hand over my Bissell 2010 MVP crown to the new 2011 Bissell Most Valuable Pet Photo Contest Winner.   Congratulations to all the winners from your friends at The Tiniest Tiger


Baily 1st Place

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Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest Week 12

Super Hurrah! Congratulations to Kringle and NeeNee for winning the top two spots in Week 12 of the Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest!

CATS RULED ALL 12 WEEKS!  We are the Champions!

Congratulations to all the winners and participants in the 2011 Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest.

John Pollack's Kringle

John Pollack's Kringle

Tina Parkhurst's NeeNee

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Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest Week 11

CATS continue their domination. Will we win Week 12 too?
Super Hurrah and Congratulations to Jody Bulter’s Earl Grey and Lena Stock’s Duke Thomas Peabody for taking the top two places in Week 11 of the Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest.

Jody Butler's Earl Grey

jody Butler's Earl Grey

Lena Stocks' Duke Thomas peabody

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Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest Week 10

Super Hurrah for Sugar and Tigger taking the top two spots in Week 10!

Cats Continue to Rule!

Sugar Dial

Peggi D's Sugar

John Pollack's Tigger

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Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest Week 9

Cats Continue To Rule!!

Congratulations to Clover and Sugar Bear for taking the top two spots in Week 9!

Kristen Schumacher's Clover

Kristen Schumacher Clover

Iris Motley's Sugar Bear

Iris Motley's Sugar Bear

Calling all Cats!  Here we go Week 9!

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